Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Smiley Girls

Here’s an update all on our sweet girls and what they’ve been up to lately. Firstborn first:

12_15_2009 003

Ellie is 3 1/2 and is as tall as a 5 year old. Her curly hair continues to be her signature, and it fits her personality perfectly. She’s outgoing and full of energy. She does have a shy side (note previous Santa post), but she’s mostly friends with anyone. She LOVES preschool and hasn’t cried when we drop her off yet. She adores her teachers and friends in class and has been doing great learning her letters and coming home with new songs.

This girl is a singer! She loves to sing and often makes up songs when she can’t thing of the one she wants. Just last night at Hobby Lobby, she proudly told the lady who was cutting our fabric that she likes two songs: Single Ladies (Beyonce) and Party in the USA (Miley Cyrus). I commented how inappropriate that was – where is this girl’s mom? lol She then went on to tell the lady that she also liked the ABCs and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Whew, that’s better.

Ellie would watch TV all day long if we let her. I know – awful. And fortunately we don’t let her. She loves Dora the Explorer and has gotten really good with some of her Spanish from that show. Sadly, she seems to have graduated from Sesame Street, but Emma is still a fan.

On her Christmas wish list this year is a conglomeration of odd unrelated requests: a tutu, a camera, a horn, chalk (sidewalk chalk which we already have in a closet upstairs but will definitely wrap it up and make it a present – cheating? i think not), and wings (like a fairy – part of a dress up kit we found).

She continues to be really affectionate and will pass out hugs and kisses easily. She LOVES babies and will sit and hold one for a LONG time if someone will let her. She’s also really doing a great job with her manners. I think that’s being reinforced with school, but she has always done a good job of saying please and thank you. She of course has her 3 year old moments, but she tends to correct a bad choice quickly and responds to discipline well.

As far as activities go, she loves playing with others, coloring, and she’s learning to use scissors so she loves practicing with that, too. She’s a HUGE fan of swimming still, but we haven’t made it over to our gym with the indoor pool lately. Hopefully over the Christmas break we can. There’s your Ellie update. Now for Emma:

12_15_2009 004

How sweet is that face?!?! Emerson (who is known at home by Emma as well) is such a fun little kid. Her personality is just starting to emerge, and it’s fun to watch it come out.

Emma is also pretty affectionate. She’s more of a cuddler than Ellie is/was, and she gives very sweet kisses. She’s doing great with her baby sign language and can do “more”, “eat”, “please”, “thank you”, and “all done”. She can point to most of her body parts, and from my earlier video post, you know she loves to sing.

She continues to ADORE her big sister. They laugh and play and run around together all the time. She’s also very social and loves going to her class at church and is generally pretty agreeable. She definitely knows how to express her displeasure when Ellie isn’t treating her right, but I suppose that’s a typical second child thing.

Considering how petite she is for her age, this child can EAT! She will down a sippy cup of juice in 2 minutes, and she eats almost anything we give her really well. It’s so nice not to have to struggle to get food in our kids. (Now, I can’t say either of them eats many vegetables, but they get some good protein and calcium in there, and plenty of fruit)…

I had a rough day with them yesterday – just one of those days where they were both whiny and not obeying and fighting all the time. I decided to think about something amazing about them instead of dwell on that, though, and here’s what I’ll leave you with. When James and I put our Christmas tree up, we joked about making bets about how many ornaments we’d lose this year with two kids under 4. Our amazing sweet little angels have not played around the tree AT ALL this year, and to date we have not lost a single ornament (knocking on the proverbial wood). I think that’s amazing. They are both precious little gifts and we cherish them – even on the hard days.

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