Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Channeling my Mother-in-law

As most of our regular readers know, we lost my sweet mother-in-law to cancer 3 years ago. I miss her often, but there are times when I feel her closer than others.

I decided last week to make some curtains to cover the toys in the toy cabinet in the playroom. (See post above about our Christmas decor to see said curtains.) While I was waiting in line to pay for the fabric at Hobby Lobby, the woman in front of me had found some Christmas fabric that was a soft book pattern. The pages were all laid out, and you were supposed to simply cut them, sew some batting in between, and you had little soft books. What a cute idea! I thought…I could do that! So, I got two of them as well.

As I sewed them this last weekend, I thought, “This is something Jean would do.” Now, she would probably do it more professionally than me, but I smiled to think that this was a little project that would be totally up her alley. So, in a way, I view these little books as gifts from Mama Jean to my sweet girls. I hope they love them for a long time.

12_15_2009 006 

12_15_2009 007

12_15_2009 008

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Kerri Kincaid said...

That is so very sweet and also creative! Way to go! The girls will LOVE them!

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