Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Family Photos

Here are some of the family photos we took. Enjoy!

Ellie - 3 Year

Here are Ellie's 3 year photos. As you'll see, we have no problem getting cute pictures out of this girl! Some of these really highlight how fun and curly her hair is, too. We get comments on it all the time.

This might be a good place to note that we're working on potty training with her. She's doing really well. We recently switched to no diapers during the day and there have been just a few accidents. Next up is to start working on night time, but we may wait another couple of weeks before we start tackling that!

She's talking a ton and is so fun. I'll have to put a video up of her soon, so you can hear. Stay tuned!

Emerson - 1 Year

We recently did our photo shoot for both Emerson’s 1 year photos and Ellie’s 3 year photos. Here are the photos of Emerson. She’s definitely not as expressive as Ellie, but her smile still lights up her face when you get one. We’re still picking up on her personality traits. I think she’s going to be a little more sensitive. So far, when we tell her no she seems to take it as a personal offense and the lips turn under and she gets so sad! She definitely looks like her Daddy. And she also looks like Ellie but not exactly alike. She’s wiggly and cuddly both – sort of like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get! :) Enjoy her photos.

She may not be giving a full out smile for this one, but how sweet is that face?

I love those sweet eyes

Fun with Daddy

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Emerson's First Birthday Party

So, we're in the house and loving it, but we still have several major projects going on. As such, I wasn't ready to have people come to the house for Em's birthday party. We decided to find a park and do something simple there instead. We found a pretty cool park really near our house, but goodness was it WINDY!!! It was hard to get the table cloths to stay put and get the balloons secured and all that. BUT, we had a great showing with most of our life group able attend and some other great friends and fam in attendance as well. I think despite the wind that everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Emerson was blessed with some ADORABLE outfits and toys. Thanks, as always, to Dad as well for the annual contribution to her college fund. What a HUGE blessing that is to us!!
Here's the birthday girl before the party started. She was really good about leaving that hat on!

There's Brylie looking adorable as always!

Birthday girl decided she didn't want to look at the camera for this one. The rest of us look pretty good, though! :)

Here's her cake - home made as usual. I was up until 1am the night before working on it, so perhaps not my best effort. I'm okay with the results, though. I'm pretty sure Emerson didn't mind!
Here's her little cake that she started with. She wasn't sure what to do at first...

"Perhaps I'll just face plant it..."

"All done, Mom!" Just kidding... Dad brought me the plate when it looked like this and told me she'd finished it. (I was cutting the larger cake for everyone else.) I didn't fall for the joke, though. He ate half of Emma's. Nice try, though.

Her onesie says "I'm a keeper!" She was very happy hanging with Shannon, which wouldn't necessarily have been true of Shannon or anyone else 6 months ago. She's gotten a lot better in the church nursery and at just being social in general. Love it!

"Here, Cookie! Want to try it?"

Sharing with Daddy

Happy girl!

Her signature squishy face

Happy Birthday, Precious Girl!!!

Emerson's First Birthday Cake

Aunt Jocie and Uncle Mark came over on Emerson's actual birthday. (How did we not get a photo of the birthday girl with them?!?!) They brought yummy cupcakes from A&J's bakery and Emerson dug into hers. Anyone noticing her striking resemblance to James these days? It seems really clear to me now - more than before.


I know Easter was a long time ago, but I thought it was still worth posting these pics. Ellie did her second Easter egg hunt ever, and she did her first face painting! She sat pretty still and did a good job. It came out really cute! Emerson had her first Easter Egg hunt as well. She had fun playing with the eggs.

And here's one more of them in their Easter dresses. Obviously, Emerson wasn't in the mood, but aren't they CUTE?!

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