Friday, March 28, 2008

37 Week Ultrasound

Went very well. Baby is measuring at about 7 lbs. 2 oz. currently. That basically means that if she comes in the next two weeks (early or on time) that we'll probably stay under 8 lbs. That would be nice! Her head is measuring just slightly big but nothing major like Ellie's was. So, we're definitely on for trying to go natural again. Please be praying that we can!!

My maternity leave has officially begun! Not sure what I'm going to do with myself until this baby comes. Hopefully get some rest since that's not happening too well at night...

Here's a little 3D video of her. Both of her arms are up by her face. That's her left hand up top by her eye and her right arm is going across the bottom of the picture. Watch the right side of the screen - the 3D part.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter 2008

Hey, everyone! I know it's shocking for me to post again so soon, but we got some pretty cute photos and video of Ellie's Easter 2008 that I wanted to share.

In other news, many of you have heard that my grandfather (Dad's dad) passed away last week. I will definitely miss him, but he did live a good long life and we're grateful that he's whole again in heaven. The services will be this Tuesday afternoon, so please keep our family in your prayers.

We also moved my ultrasound to Thursday morning since it conflicted with the funeral time, so please keep that in your prayers as well that baby's head will be normal sized and all else will look good.

Enjoy the video and pictures! Video is a little over 2 minutes.

The baby swings were full, but does that phase our kid? No sir! Big girl swing suits her just fine!

And here she is going up the ladder in the bounce house. There were probably 15-20 kids ranging in ages from 2-10 in there with her, but she held her own!

After some work in figuring out that ladder, she made it to the top!

Our girl LOVES slides!

Pretty girl in her Easter dress

Saturday, March 15, 2008

One Month to Go!

Hey, everyone. Just wanted to post a quick update. We got a cute video of Ellie saying her ABC's after us, so check that out below. It's a little under 3 minutes long. Baby is doing well. I had some pain and weird stuff going on early this week, but the doctor checked it out and everything is fine. I've been contracting a lot, so my body is already starting to get ready. I think she'll stay put for a few more weeks yet, though. We have a super busy but super fun weekend lined up. We have a birthday party and our Pinochle card game tonight. Then tomorrow, some sweet friends are throwing me a shower after church, we'll teach our FPU class at 4 and we have our LifeGroup at 6:30! Looking forward to all of it, though. UPDATE: I wrote that on Saturday and then had some issues loading the video below, so now it's Monday. Our day was long but went really well. The shower was lovely, and I'm super grateful to my friends for all their hard work. Check out how beautiful it was below!

Ellie is doing great. We did a bit of udpating to her room, and she seems to like her dots (check out the photos below). She's still really affectionate and generous with her kisses and loves to play at the park and watch Elmo. She still has Daddy's curls, so we've yet to cut her hair! Oh - and speaking of her hair, I must report that she spent the night with Cookie and Crouchburger again last weekend and had BEAUTIFUL hair now that they understand the process. :)

Lori pointed out that I haven't posted any sonogram pictures and not too many belly shots either. The sonogram picture thing is because we really haven't gotten any good pictures like we did with Ellie. We have another sono a week from Tuesday so we're hoping for some good pictures now since she should be plumping up pretty good by now. We shall see, though. In the meantime, you'll see my growin belly in the shower photos below. Here are a few new photos of Ellie as well.

She may not have a happy face, but doesn't she look cute??

We added the circles and the letters up top.

Don't you wish you knew what was under that pink blanket? Well, I'll tell you. It's new baby's name. That's what.

It looks a little lopsided since we had to partially disassemble it to get it home, but believe me - it was perfect the way Shelley did it. This was the "diaper cake" I got at my work shower. How cute is THAT?!

Our little cutie patootie at the park

Ellie going down the bounce slide at our friend Noah's birthday party

The beautiful table at my shower.

We're so blessed!


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