Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Verdict Is In

Well, it's official. We found out on Monday that we are indeed having another girl! While we had hoped for a boy, we know this is God's perfect plan for our family. Ellie will have a little sister to become close to, and we've had some practice on that gender already. :) The baby looked completely healthy, so we're excited and grateful for that. The head was measuring dead on, but my doctor is going to be keeping an eye on that.

Everything else is also going well. We're all healthy, and Ellie is as cute and fun as ever. She says more words everyday, but most of her language is pretty unintelligible. We don't have any new pictures of her, but I'll get some more for you soon.

In other news, we did decide to stop doing our neighborhood newsletter last month. We were sad to let it go, but the sales weren't consistent and weren't matching the amount of work we had to do each month. James' practice is going well. He's had some new clients from outside the church and continues to enjoy the work. My job is also going well. I'm still working part time and enjoying my schedule.

Baby James is home and doing well. Here's one of their latest pictures.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween Pictures!

We've been dealing with some illness in the Wiebe house, but the adults are both back to full health. Ellie started off with a double ear infection and bronchialitis, but she's down to one ear infection that's hopefully gone or almost gone and some stomach issues that are also almost over. She says more words each day, but won't always say them when we want her to. (How dare her disobey already?!) A few on her list: Mama, Dada, Amen, Yes, Shoes, Apple, Cookie (also my mom's g'ma name), and she even said Georgie once. We haven't been able to get her to repeat that one yet. (Don't worry, Aunts and Uncles. We'll get her to work on you guys next!)

All is well with Wiebelet 2. We find out the gender on 11/19, so stay tuned for that!

Mama and her Hershey's Kiss

Petting a rabbit at the petting zoo at the Fall Festival at church

My sign says "We Have a Bun in the Oven" and James is wearing an apron that designates him as the "Baker". We ended up winning a group prize for our little joke.

Also thought I'd add a couple of my two nephews as well. Baby James is doing well and set to go home any day.

Georgie as Elmo

And Sweet Baby James

Friday, October 19, 2007

A Trip to the Best State Fair in the Union

All is going primarily well in the Wiebe household aside from some illnesses running around. Ellie has bronchialitis and a double ear infection, poor thing. She's on medication, though, and seems more like herself again everyday. James is also sick with what his doctor termed "pre-pneumonia". And I cough about every 30 seconds. So we all have something... But I'm sure we'll be over it soon.

We took another trip to the State Fair of Texas yesterday with Cookie and Crouchburger. We had a great time as usual. Ellie had a lot more fun this year than she did last year (when she was only 5 months old). She got to see the animals up close in the petting zoo, and she rode some of the kiddie rides on the Midway.

In other exciting and a little scary news, my sister had her baby boy (who we thought was going to be a girl!) a month early last week. He weighed in at only 3 lbs. 12 oz. and is still in the NICU due to his size and some other minor issues. It's been a tough week, but he does better each day and they're hoping to take him home in the next couple of weeks. So, meet James Owen Brady below as well.

Ellie is so cool she has to wear shades.

Ellie's first fair ride - the kiddie swings. She loved it!

This is the big slide she went down with Daddy.

Finishing the slide

First carousel ride!

Introducing James Owen Brady, my newest newphew. (While James likes to think he's his namesake, he's actually named after both each parent's maternal grandfather.)

Monday, September 24, 2007

The One Year Montage

So,'s true. I'm almost 4 months late on this. But better late than never, right? The below montage is about 10 minutes long, so you'll want to make sure you have some time. I've added some video that you've not seen before, though, so I hope you enjoy it half as much as we enjoyed living it.

On a separate note, I had my monthly OB appointment for the newbie. All looks good, and I even got to sneak another peek. Baby was moving around and had all four appendages, so all is well. It looks like we'll get to learn the gender sometime near Thanksgiving, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Guess What.....

Well, that and that I took my first few steps in the last couple of weeks. I still prefer crawling, but at least Mama and Daddy know that I'm capable now. Maybe they'll get off my back!
Mama and Daddy saw the heartbeat on Friday. The baby is making Mama feel pretty yucky, but nothing she can't handle so far. I'm going to be such a good big sister, don't you think?
(Oh - and Mama wanted me to tell those of you that work at PwC that it's too early to tell work yet. So, keep it on the DL, yo.)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Time with the Cornwells and One Year Photos

Man - I take SO LONG to update this sometimes, huh? I left you all hanging on the rest of our trip.

Well, let me just say that we had a fantastic time with the Cornwells. While we didn't do anything super touristy or exciting, the down time was just what we wanted. We had a great time just going to the community pool, shooting off fireworks, and even doing a little Dance Dance Revolution. (Paul smoked me...)

Ellie had such a good time climbing the stairs and playing with the Cornwell kids. Ironically, Ryan seemed to enjoy Ellie the most of the three. They were really cute together.

I did get to see Reagan in her ballet class, too. She was so cute, and she did so great!

Things have been busy as usual in the Wiebe home, but everything is going well. Ellie is doing great and is as fun as ever. She nods yes and no, waves hi without prompting all the time, gives lots of kisses, babbles a ton. She's a great swimmer. She doesn't like going under water, but she loves splashing and being thrown. Some of you may be wondering about the walking. She's just a little chicken when it comes to walking. She does great when she holds a hand, but as soon as you take it away that bottom hits the floor. As I've said before, we're not in a hurry. And, she holds her own just fine in the 1 year old room at church with all of the other walkers. She'll do it in her own time.

Enjoy the photos (below)!

The Photos

All the kids swimming in the Cornwell backyard

Mama and Ellie on July 4th

The whole bunch on 7/4

Sweet girl...

Reagan and Ryan ready to get candy at the parade.

Mamas and Babies

Ellie and Riley bathing

All the kiddies ready for bed

Goofy kiddies

Pretty girl

Sitting in the grass

Cheeky smile

Silly face

Blowing kisses (okay, she really wasn't, but she knows how, ok?!)


Yep, she's big enough to go down this slide - by herself!

Classic Ellie... "I'm playing here...did you need something?"

Sweet face...

She may not look happy, but she sure looks cute, right?

Fun in the pool!

Kisses for Mama! My favorite!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Ellie Goes to Chicago

Hey, everyone. James, Ellie and I are currently in Indianapolis visiting our very good friends the Cornwells. We spent this last weekend in Chicago meeting up with some of the girls from my Babycenter bulletin board I've been on since I found out I was pregnant with Ellie. All the girls on the board also had due dates of May 2006 for their firstborns, so we've all shared a lot together. There are over 30 girls on the board, and 9 of us were able to make it to Chicago.

We drove again (this was nothing compared to New York!), and Ellie did well again. Here are a few pictures for you:
Ellie at the table at Rock Bottom (most of us wore the matching shirts...)

The group at Rock Bottom

Babies about to ride the El (We were quite the site walking there...)

Happy Ellie at the aquarium

Ellie looking at the fish

Ellie's new mad face. (I don't even think she knows it looks mad....)

The Chicago skyline from aquarium

All 9 babies on one couch

The moms and babies

Hope everyone has a great fourth of July! We're looking forward to celebrating Ellie's 2nd one tomorrow with the Cornwells. We'll post pictures of that soon!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Could it Be? Is she really a year old?

My sincerest apologies for taking so long since last time to post. Things have been busy busy in the Wiebe world. Here are some highlights for you:

  • Ellie signed "more" for the first time and now does it consistently Ellie made the drive (yes, I said drive) from Dallas to upstate New York and back (She did fantastic!)
  • We buried Mama Jean's ashes in a beautiful garden at Camp Hunt
  • Aunt Becka got married in the same beautiful garden
  • Ellie slept great in her pack and play while at Camp Hunt
  • Ellie got to meet her new friend Simone! (Simone is Aunt Jocie's other neice.)
  • Ellie got to stay with lots of good friends including the John Pitman clan, the Cornwells, and the Lapes
  • Ellie had her first birthday cake with Uncle David, Aunt Jenn and Georgie
  • Ellie had her second birthday cake with a host of New York friends and family at the Pizza Pub
  • Ellie had her third birthday cake (yep...that's right) at home with another host of friends and family.
  • Ellie learned what hugs are and will lay her head down on your shoulder if you ask for one. (How cute is that?)
We had her one month appointment this morning as well. She weighed in at 24 lbs., 31 inches and still a big head. :) She's in the 90th percentile, and the doctor said she's doing great. We plan to finish up our current can of formula and then make the big switch over to whole milk. She's eating pretty much anything we do now. This kid knows how to eat! We see the sign for "more" way more that we see the one for "all done"!

She's still as happy as always. She'll dance on cue which is also pretty cute. I was just thinking this evening that if every day of motherhood was as wonderful as today I'd have to convince James we needed 10 kids! Not that there have been many bad days, but she was just a gem today. I had her in the pool and she was just laughing and splashing and having a blast. Here are a few pictures from recent weeks:

This is an outfit I found in Jean's hope chest. I think she may have made it, but I love it regardless.

Ellie and Riley Cornwell having fun in the bath!

Birthday cake #1:

Cousin bathtime - and don't worry. We're teaching her that she's supposed to sit in the tub.

The beautiful bride....

The memorial garden

The birthday girl on her actual birthday.

Birthday cake #2:

The pool party in Plano:

Elmo cake



Elmo chair

Sleepy girl post party

baby development