Friday, October 19, 2007

A Trip to the Best State Fair in the Union

All is going primarily well in the Wiebe household aside from some illnesses running around. Ellie has bronchialitis and a double ear infection, poor thing. She's on medication, though, and seems more like herself again everyday. James is also sick with what his doctor termed "pre-pneumonia". And I cough about every 30 seconds. So we all have something... But I'm sure we'll be over it soon.

We took another trip to the State Fair of Texas yesterday with Cookie and Crouchburger. We had a great time as usual. Ellie had a lot more fun this year than she did last year (when she was only 5 months old). She got to see the animals up close in the petting zoo, and she rode some of the kiddie rides on the Midway.

In other exciting and a little scary news, my sister had her baby boy (who we thought was going to be a girl!) a month early last week. He weighed in at only 3 lbs. 12 oz. and is still in the NICU due to his size and some other minor issues. It's been a tough week, but he does better each day and they're hoping to take him home in the next couple of weeks. So, meet James Owen Brady below as well.

Ellie is so cool she has to wear shades.

Ellie's first fair ride - the kiddie swings. She loved it!

This is the big slide she went down with Daddy.

Finishing the slide

First carousel ride!

Introducing James Owen Brady, my newest newphew. (While James likes to think he's his namesake, he's actually named after both each parent's maternal grandfather.)

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