Monday, October 26, 2009

State Fair of Texas 2009

We made it – barely – to the state fair again this year. I didn’t take near as many pictures as I meant to, but the highlight was that Ellie wanted to participate in the Backyard Circus. It was so cute. She wanted to be a lion with the boys instead of one of the butterflies. The photos in the tent are really dark, but hopefully you can see her well enough.

10_25_2009 036

This wasn’t from the fair, but I thought it was cute so I threw it in here. :)

10_25_2009 037

We have a photo almost exactly like this in the same spot of Ellie two years ago here.

10_25_2009 040

She’s the first lion on the left

10_25_2009 043

She’s right in the center of the photo on this one. They also rolled over and kicked their legs up and played dead – SO cute.

10_25_2009 044

She was so proud of herself.

10_25_2009 046

That’s not my sweet baby riding up in the air on an airplane ride, is it? Oh shoot – yes it is. Again – LOVED it.

10_25_2009 048

She’s up at the top with me, but she rode by herself. Need I say it again? LOVED it.

10_25_2009 049

10_25_2009 051

Cheering Sister on!

Pretty Girls Ready for Church

They barely fit in these dresses anymore, so while the weather was still warm, we put them in them one more time. How cute are they?!

10_25_2009 027 10_25_2009 028

10_25_2009 029

10_25_2009 031

10_25_2009 032

Ellie’s First Day of Preschool

Ellie’s first day of preschool was way back in early September. (I know, I’m late.) She was SO looking forward to it. We had her on the wait list for 3-day, so she started off the first week in 2-day, but she was #1 on the waitlist. She was moved into the 3-day within a week, and she got into Jen’s class! “Miss Jen” goes to church with us, and we’ve known her for years, so we were really excited. She’s loving it. They focus on different letters and themes each week, and she’s starting to write a bunch of her letters now as well.

10_25_2009 023

10_25_2009 024

10_25_2009 025

10_25_2009 026

Dallas Children’s Museum

We recently met James’ cousin Kristin and her family at the Dallas Children’s Museum. Sadly, we didn’t catch any photos of all of us together, but it was great to see them. Here are a few photos of the highlights. (Note – I would not highly recommend this museum, but it was okay.)

10_25_2009 002

Daddy and Ellie in front of the bears

10_25_2009 007

10_25_2009 011

She enjoyed her time in the kitchen.

10_25_2009 013

Shopping for vegetables

10_25_2009 015

This is a classic Emerson face that’s hard to catch on camera. :)

10_25_2009 018 10_25_2009 022Fun at the water table.

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