Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We Got the House!!! (Pretty much...)

So, you know how I said in our last post that we were going to close on our Westridge house around 2/24? Well, we didn't! We ended up deciding to go ahead and close on the 10th instead! And we made that decision on like February 3rd. It was craziness...

But, we've been looking at houses and the one I posted was the only one we found that we liked. We put an offer in on it at the same time that they took it off the market to do some of the repairs! We were bummed, but we realized we weren't going to find a house to move straight into no matter what. So, we decided that as long as we were going to move twice anyway, we'd go ahead and vacate and stay with Mom and Dad while we waited on the Melrose house or another one to come along.

We moved into Mom and Dad's on the 7th and have managed to get pretty settled upstairs. We also retracted our offer since we wanted to wait and see what Melrose came back on the market at. So, we had an alert set up, and our realtor took candy to the real estate office where it would be listed and we've been waiting patiently ever since.

Last night, I got the call! The listing realtor for Melrose called our realtors first instead of relisting it! The original offer and the candy paid off! It's definitely a foreclosure, so there are some funny rules. They did make a counter offer, though, which we decided to accept. It's still well below market value, so we're excited about it. The weird part is that the bank won't do an option, so we have to pay to have it inspected before we have a signed contract. That will happen on Thursday and then we're hoping to have paperwork signed by the weekend or early next week at the latest. We have to close by 3/20 but are hoping to do so sooner.

We've walked through it again, and they have done a beautiful job with the master bath. I love it and am so excited about it. They also put nice ceiling fans in all the rooms. They also fixed the hole in the kitchen ceiling and put a dishwasher and an oven in. Otherwise, they left it as is. There's a large amount of cosmetic work that needs to be done including painting almost the entire place and putting baseboards in several of the rooms. We also have hopes to add a sprinkler system and carpet for the upstairs. It has a ton of potential, though, and we're really excited about it.

We're thinking we'll have about two weeks of work on it before we can move in, so stay tuned for a moving date. We'll be spending our birthdays there for sure! Yea!!!
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