Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Emerson - 6 Months

I really can't believe Emerson is already 6 months old. She had a good check-up yesterday. She's 14 lbs. 6 oz. and 26 inches long which puts her in the 25% and 50% respectively. I was a little concerned that she was in such a low percentile for weight, but the doctor thought she probably lost up to half a pound with the stomach flu she had week before last. He also said it would help to supplement the milk when we start feeding her cereal and baby food. She had to get 5 shots - no fun! She was not amused but recovered quickly.

We decided to get a flu shot for Ellie and were dreading it, because she's already afraid of our pediatrician as it is. They had the flu mist that goes up your nose, though. We talked to her about it and told her we were going to give her medicine up her nose and she just needed to sniff it up in there. She did it perfectly! She sniffed just like we said and grinned with pride when Mama, Daddy and the nurse all said how great she did. SO much better than giving her a shot! She weighs a whopping 37 pounds if anyone is curious. :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

State Fair of Texas

Well, for anyone craving some Wiebe pictures, you are in luck. Aunt Penni went with us to the fair, and she snapped pictures like crazy. Uncle Mark met us there as well, so Ellie and Emerson had a great time!

I'll be posting again soon, as we head for Emerson's 6 month appointment later this morning, so stay tuned. Nothing else too interesting is going on around here. Just doing life and enjoying it!

There was a bumpy stroller while holding a Sprite indicent that explains the wet shirt. :)

Watching the parade with Daddy

Riding the Ladybug ride with Daddy

Going down the big slide with Daddy

The guy walked right in front of the camera, but you can still see the joy on her face.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Ellie's Weekend with Daddy

We received really sad news last week. A good friend of ours from Seattle unexpectedly passed from this life into the arms of Jesus. Mike and his wife Kelly were in a small group that we participated in with two other couples. We dove deep and really got to know each other. Even though we kept up primarily through blogs since moving away, we still consider Mike and Kelly great friends. As such, James took Ellie up to Grand Rapids (where they moved a few years ago) for the memorial service. It was a good time of remembering Mike, and James is grateful he was able to go. Please keep Kelly in your prayers as she figures out what life looks like now.

Because Grand Rapids is so close to Detroit, James and Ellie got to go visit Aunt Jenn and Uncle David, Georgie and Baby James, too. Here are some photos from the trip:

My big girl owning that window seat.

Chillin' with some Elmo

Ellie impressed James and me both by sleeping really well on the planes.

Ellie got to visit a Cider Mill with the Brady's.

Georgie was working hard pushing his cousin. (David just looks like he's helping - it's really all Georgie.)

See? Where's Uncle David now, huh?? Poor Georgie. You all do realize that Ellie outweighs Georgie by at least a few pounds, right? The little guy was working hard! :)

Georgie, the Cider Mill truck driver

Georgie the pig.

The three cousins...What cuties.

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