Monday, June 30, 2008

Two New Posts!

For those of you anxiously awaiting news from the Wiebes, you are in luck! I just posted two posts. One with our latest professional photos and one that recaps our recent road trip. Enjoy!

Two Year Photos

Wiebe Road Trip of 2008

Two Year Photos

My friend Leah did Ellie's 2 year pictures a couple of weeks ago. We threw in some of Emma and the family as well. Here are some of my favorites. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Wiebe Road Trip of 2008

Well, we just returned from our 12 day road trip. Some found us insane to drive so far with two young children. Perhaps, but we survived and actually had a great time. Here are some stats for you:

Number of cities visited - 5. Little Rock, Syracuse, Watertown, Detroit and Indianapolis
Number of children we stayed with - 7 (2 in Syracuse, 2 in Detroit and 3 in Indy)
Number of times Ellie woke up during our one drive through the night - 8
Number of people staying in 2 bedroom condo in Detroit - 8. 4 adults and 4 children under 3
Number of diapers changed in said 2 bedroom condo during our 5 day stay - somewhere in the neighborhood of 120
Number of times Georgie said "Why?" during our five day stay - infiniti to the infinity power
Number of times Georgie climbed into the crib with Ellie on night one of our stay - 5
Cousin time - priceless....

We had a fabulous time. We left on Tuesday and stopped in Little Rock to have lunch with Aunt Becka and Uncle Daniel. This was their first time to meet Emerson, so we're so glad we got to see them! The quick lunch went by way too quickly, but it was fun nonetheless.

We then continued on the road and drove through the night Tuesday night and all day Wednesday to visit our friends Doug and Jennie and their daughters Hannah and Lauren in Syracuse. Ellie struggled through the night getting comfortable, but both girls did great on Wednesday. We arrived in Syracuse by 4:30 on Wednesday - tired but happy to be there! We had a lovely dinner and crashed fairly early. On Thursday, we left the Lapes for a bit and took a road trip up to Watertown. James wanted to see the condition of his childhood home, and we also paid a visit to his (and now our) good friend Mitzie DeGennaro (and their dog Rio...get it? Rio DeGennaro?). Mitzie and her husband Vinnie built a beautiful cabin on a lake 30 minutes north of Watertown. The picture below is of us by the water. We also had lunch at one of James' favorite places - best wings ever!

Ellie found some interesting reading at the Lapes. Perhaps this means she'll start thinking about potty training soon...

On Friday, Doug got off work early, so all 8 of us went to a great park near their home. I was horribly remiss in taking good pictures, so below is the only picture proving that we saw the Lapes. Hannah is on the left, and you can barely see Lauren's head sticking out in the middle. Jennie is on the right. Below that is Ellie walking like a runway model. :) We had a great time with good friends. Thanks, Lapes!

On Saturday morning, we said goodbye to the Lapes and headed out to Detroit. Unfortunately, I completely forgot to pack our passports which would have allowed us to go the fast way through Canada. Alas, we had to go the long way, so it felt like a long drive to Detroit. We arrived a little after 7pm and sat down to a wonderful home cooked meal by Jennie (my sister - not Lape!). And that's right, folks. You heard me correctly. I said home cooked and Jennie in the same sentence. (Just kidding, Jenn. The lasagna was wonderful!) They have a beautiful condo that we hadn't seen before and are in a really nice area. We had so much fun letting the cousins hang out.

We embarked on the precarious mission of getting photos of all 8 of us taken at JC Penney after church on Sunday. It went amazingly well. We got some great photos. Sunday night was boys night out. Jenn and I stayed with the kids and James and Dave enjoyed Get Smart and some coffee. Monday we took the kids swimming and just generally took it easy. Dave and Jenn had a church obligation, so James and I put the kids to bed that night. Tuesday we went to the zoo. That's right - we took 4 kids under 3 to the zoo. It was a blast. See the pictures and video below. Tuesday night was girls night. Jenn and I enjoyed a lovely dinner, a bit of shopping and Get Smart as well. (Great flick, by the way.) Wednesday we took the kids to the splash area at the nearby mall and also had a nice dinner with Dave's parents. We then headed out Thursday morning for Indianapolis. It was such a nice relaxing time in Detoit with the Brady's. Thanks for having us!!

Detroit Splashing - 1 minute
Detroit Zoo - 1 1/2 minutes
Cousin Bedtime - 1 minute
Cousin Bedtime 2 - 30 seconds
Cousin Naptime - 1 1/2 minutes
Our wonderful friends the Cornwells live in Indianapolis with their 3 kids Reagan (7), Ryan (5 as of the day we arrived) and Riley (2 1/2). We were pumped to get to help celebrate Ryan's 5th birthday with them since we were there staying with Reagan the night he was born. Crazy that it was just 5 years ago. As it happened, the Cornwells were also heading to Texas on Friday to visit Lori's mom and us. So, we worked it out to caravan! We all left Friday morning and arrived at our hotel that night around 5. We let the kids swim and ordered pizza and then all went to bed. Saturday we kept trucking and parted ways after lunch. We'll see them again this week when they come to visit. Thanks for caravanning with us and letting us crash a night at your place!

Saturday afternoon was our longest day, I think, mostly due to an unhappy Emerson. She was an angel the rest of the trip, but she'd finally had it by then. Fortunately, we were home by 5 that afternoon and were able to unpack and get laundry going while the girls unwinded a bit. Whew! What a great trip!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Emerson is 6 Weeks Old!

Emerson Claire is 6 weeks old today! I can't believe it's been that long already. It's gone quickly so far. It's so nice to think back on the delivery process and everything having gone so well. Below are the girls with Dr. Fong (my OB) at my 6 week appointment. We also got some great photos of Emerson smiling today. Enjoy!

I love Ellie's face in this one.

Brittney took this photo at the church picnic Sunday night. So precious...

Can you tell it was hot outside?!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Emerson's Birth Story

I realized that I hadn't written this down yet, and it was so incredible that I wanted to document it. Enjoy!

Well, as you all know, I was an awful 11 days late and decided to go in the morning of 4/23 to have my water broken. Gratefully, I was having a lot of contractions the night before, so I think I was really already in labor when I went in. My doctor broke my water at 8am and I was still at 3-4 cm. Because I was going for a VBAC, the hospital required that I be monitored at all times. This was news for both me and my doctor, so I was bummed I wouldn't be able to walk the halls with James like we did last time. So, I got comfortable in the bed and we started watching The Godfather II. Around lunchtime, my mom came up with Ellie and we visited for a bit. Contractions were definitely getting harder by then, so they went ahead and left. They checked me and I was only at 5-6cm at this point. I kept going through the afternoon and it definitely got harder as it went on. I started getting the urge to push around 5pm and thought I might be done. They checked and I was only 7cm!!! I was so disappointed. The contractions were super hard at this point. I was having conversations with God in my head about how many more I could take. They said to hang in there until 6pm and they'd check me again. I made it, and was fully expecting to be disappointed again but she said I could start pushing! Yea! I pushed through one contraction, and they were seeing the head already. They asked me to breathe through the second one (which is almost impossible!) to wait on my doctor. Well, the blessed man walked in by the end of that one, so I was able to push again on the next one. By about the 4th one, her head was out! Her body came out on the next one. Those two were so amazing. To be able to feel this little person come out was just so awesome. James was so excited, and they handed her to me to nurse her right away. She didn't really latch on at first, so they took her and cleaned her up a bit and then we tried again. No problem the second time!

I did tear a bit, so my doctor (who seemed about as excited that we'd gotten through the VBAC as we were) stitched me up while James and I bonded with our sweet girl! Our friends and family filled the room an hour later including Ellie, and it was just an amazing night sharing our little girls with them.

While we definitely struggled with God's reasons for Emerson being so late, He definitely came through in the end and answered our prayers for a perfect birth story, and we are SO grateful!
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