Monday, February 18, 2008

If You Want it Done Right....

you have to SHOW them how to do it. And don't leave anything out!

My parents have kept Ellie overnight twice so far. Both times it's been on a Saturday night so James and I can go out and then they just bring her to church on Sunday and we meet them there. The first time (in December) she was dressed cute, but her hair looked like she'd just rolled out of bed. I learned that my dad is the one that gets her ready, and he said that I hadn't sent anything to fix her hair - that was his excuse. (I did send her comb, and other than that you just need water, but evidently I wasn't clear!) So, this time, I sent the water bottle we use to wet her hair down, her comb, and even the Bedhead goop we use to keep her curls looking lovely. (We don't use it everyday, but I wanted them to have no excuse to fix her hair for church this time!) So, I told them that I'd packed all that stuff when I dropped her off on Saturday night. Well, she shows up at church and her hair looked like this:

And the pictures don't even do it justice. So, I asked them what happened. My dad comes up and says, "That goo was GROSS! I'm never touching that again!" They go on to explain, and it turns out that they tried to put the Bedhead in her hair whlie it was DRY! That, of course, just made her hair sticky and more tangled. Then mom thought she'd put the Bedhead stuff on the comb and try again. Oh my word..... And the thing is, you only need about a dime sized amount each time you use it - at the most. Heaven only knows how much they used, but let's just say that we could have not bathed her for a week and there would still be enough of the stuff in her hair when we wet it down to keep it curly. So, anyway, we got a big laugh out of that and told them they were supposed to wet her hair first. They were like 'Oh, so THAT'S what that water bottle was for!" Ummm...yes. Yes it was. Anyway, for contrast, here's what her hair looks like when I do it:

In other Wiebe news, all is humming along. The pregnancy continues to go well, and Ellie is tons of fun. Here's a video where she shows how much she loves the bath and some of her new words.

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