Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Posts!

I have 5 new posts since I last emailed. Enjoy!

Emerson - 1 Year
Ellie - 3 Year
Family Photos
A Message from Ellie to Georgie
Wiebehaus 2009

Wiebehaus - Before and After

Here it is - The before and after for the house. Enjoy!

A Message from Ellie to Georgie

So, Ellie has wanted to call Georgie almost every day lately. They're so cute when they talk to each other. Sadly, though, Georgie hasn't called her back this week. You'll see in the video that she's all broken up about it. (Ha!) But, we decided to make him a video since they haven't connected yet. Thought you'd all enjoy it:

Do you feel bad yet, Aunt Jen? :) LOL...
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