Thursday, September 8, 2011

Emma’s First Day of Preschool

Ever since Ellie went to Kindergarten, Emma asks daily about when SHE gets to go to school! It was a long 3 weeks for all of us – ha! But, we made it, and Emma finally got to meet her sweet teachers on Tuesday night and go to her first day this morning. We decided to save some of our traditions (decorating the door, donuts, etc.) for Kindergarten, but Emma got her own homemade dress from Momma, we did the Teacher Survival Kits again, and of course we got some sweet photos. She was SO excited, and she had a great day. She got to do her handprint in paint, and she talked the most this afternoon about getting to paint. Our girls love those crafts! Enjoy the photos!


P1010264This one just makes me happy. :)

P1010265This is her backpack from last year, but it still looks huge on her, eh?  

P1010266She wanted a braid, so there it is.



P1010271The Survival Kits. She loved giving these to Ms. Reagan and Ms. Kim this morning.


P1010274 We barely got hugs and kisses after this. She was off to play! So grateful that our kids love school…

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