Monday, June 11, 2007

Could it Be? Is she really a year old?

My sincerest apologies for taking so long since last time to post. Things have been busy busy in the Wiebe world. Here are some highlights for you:

  • Ellie signed "more" for the first time and now does it consistently Ellie made the drive (yes, I said drive) from Dallas to upstate New York and back (She did fantastic!)
  • We buried Mama Jean's ashes in a beautiful garden at Camp Hunt
  • Aunt Becka got married in the same beautiful garden
  • Ellie slept great in her pack and play while at Camp Hunt
  • Ellie got to meet her new friend Simone! (Simone is Aunt Jocie's other neice.)
  • Ellie got to stay with lots of good friends including the John Pitman clan, the Cornwells, and the Lapes
  • Ellie had her first birthday cake with Uncle David, Aunt Jenn and Georgie
  • Ellie had her second birthday cake with a host of New York friends and family at the Pizza Pub
  • Ellie had her third birthday cake (yep...that's right) at home with another host of friends and family.
  • Ellie learned what hugs are and will lay her head down on your shoulder if you ask for one. (How cute is that?)
We had her one month appointment this morning as well. She weighed in at 24 lbs., 31 inches and still a big head. :) She's in the 90th percentile, and the doctor said she's doing great. We plan to finish up our current can of formula and then make the big switch over to whole milk. She's eating pretty much anything we do now. This kid knows how to eat! We see the sign for "more" way more that we see the one for "all done"!

She's still as happy as always. She'll dance on cue which is also pretty cute. I was just thinking this evening that if every day of motherhood was as wonderful as today I'd have to convince James we needed 10 kids! Not that there have been many bad days, but she was just a gem today. I had her in the pool and she was just laughing and splashing and having a blast. Here are a few pictures from recent weeks:

This is an outfit I found in Jean's hope chest. I think she may have made it, but I love it regardless.

Ellie and Riley Cornwell having fun in the bath!

Birthday cake #1:

Cousin bathtime - and don't worry. We're teaching her that she's supposed to sit in the tub.

The beautiful bride....

The memorial garden

The birthday girl on her actual birthday.

Birthday cake #2:

The pool party in Plano:

Elmo cake



Elmo chair

Sleepy girl post party

baby development