Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dual Meaning of Lying

I know - I haven't blogged in forever. I don't even think I've done Christmas yet. Well, you'll have to wait. This is a quick drive-by funny story about Ellie.

I was putting her down for her nap (which is a different story entirely - it's time to stop making her take a nap but I'm in denial. Therefore, this task gets increasingly difficult by the day.) I told her not to get out of her bed and started heading down the stairs. One of the benefits of having laminate wood floors in this entire house is that, even with the rug in their room, I know immediately when those little three year old feet hit the floor. Before I'd gotten to the last stair heading downstairs, I heard the tell-tale sign although I wasn't certain. So, I headed back up and looked in on her. She was sitting on her bed, so I didn't catch her in the act. I asked her if she had gotten out of bed. No, she says. We're in that phase where she doesn't always tell the truth. I don't think she's intentionally lying some of the time. She's just telling you what she thinks you want to hear. But, we're working on teaching her the difference. So, again, she was sitting up on the edge of her bed:

Me: Are you sure?
Ellie: Yes
Me: Are you lying?
Ellie: {lies down on her bed}
LOL... I guess we've focused our truth discussions on the truth side of the equation enough that the word lying refers to lying down on her bed. It was hard to keep my stern mom face on after that, but needless to say I gave her the benefit of the doubt on this one.
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