Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ellie is growing up....

I'm sure that opening title is a shock to all of you. It may seem basic, but we reached a particularly interesting milestone just today. Read on...

First, I'll update regarding our holidays. Ellie did great at Christmas. She was really interested in opening all of her presents and really seemed to enjoy getting them. We didn't go crazy, but we did try to wrap a bunch separately, so she had a few things to open. Her gift from "Santa" (which she still has no concept of) was a Dora the Explorer tent with a tunnel. She crawled through it to get her milk on Christmas morning, which was really cute. We also gave her one of those magna doodle things, which she also loves. Also some big paper that goes on the floor for her to color on. She got some Praise Baby DVDs from Cookie and Crouchburger and some other clothes and books from Fritz and everyone else who loves her. She made out very well.

She continues to be a complete joy. She does cry, but rarely in public and not even that often at home really either. We're scared that this new baby won't be as angelic, but we know God made her just for us and we can't wait to meet her, too. Ellie is speaking up more and more lately. Here are a few of her words: yes, no, peek-a-boo, Cookie, Mama, Daddy, Elmo (more like Melmo), door, nose, mouth, up, out, off, please, etc. She does a lot of dancing, and she's getting really good at understanding us. I asked her to go get her shoes and socks from her room yesterday and she made one trip for her shoes and another to get her socks just like I asked. How nice is that?!
James continues to enjoy and do well with his counseling. He's gotten a bunch of new clients in recent weeks that are keeping him busy. He and I are also going to be going through a financial training class that will allow us to counsel people who are struggling with their finances. This is a passion for both of us, so we're excited about that opportunity. My work is also going well. I have a few more weeks and then things will slow down. I continue to feel well, too. The heartburn is around but nothing Tums can't handle. Otherwise, I really don't have any pregnancy compliants. We did all get that nasty cold over Christmas, so that was particularly fun for me when I can't take much for it... But we're all over it now and are grateful.

As for the new milestone I mentioned, we've decided to evict Ellie from her crib before the new baby is born, right? Well, we got a safety rail this weekend and were thinking we'd phase her into it with naps first and then overnight. I was thinking it would be a work in progress that would last a few weeks or so. Anyway, I decided to give it a try with her nap today. I just told her she was going to sleep in her big girl bed, did our cuddles and gave her her blanket and then left. She started crying, but she often cries for a minute or two when I put her in her crib, too. As usual, she quit crying in less than 5 minutes. She has her white noise machine that is reachable from her bed, and I heard it change sounds a time or two which means she was standing up messing with it, and then all was quiet. I waited a few minutes and then went in and she'd fallen asleep on the bed! I couldn't believe it. First time and almost no reisistance. She slept a full hour and a half which is about normal. Then the best part - I'd told her to stay in bed and call for us and not to get out until we came in. We did go in pretty fast when we heard her, but she stayed on the bed! I'm thinking I might as well give it a try for the overnight tonight as well since it was so easy today. I actually put her down while I was typing this and she's just in there talking to herself right now. I'll let you know how it went next time. I just can't believe how easy this kid does transition!

We had an ultrasound on Monday of the baby. We didn't get any great pictures, because she wasn't quite cooperating, but her head is measuring right on track which is great news. I'm really hoping to deliver her naturally, but much of that will depend on her head size. So far so good...

Here are a few photos from recent weeks:

About to crawl through the Dora tunnel/tent on Christmas morning

Elmo book from Cookie and Crouchburger

Opening her stocking

Ellie's first real Christmas dinner (mac & cheese continues to be the big hit)

Cute new outfit from Uncle Dave and Aunt Jen

"Why did you leave me in here when you're having fun out there?"

Pretty dress for the Christmas picture

With Crouchburger at the trains at Northpark

Pretty dress from Aunt Pen

Ellie with Aunt Pen and Uncle Bill

Messy girl wearing Daddy's socks

Our Baby (yes, I can still say that) sleeping her big girl bed for the first time

baby development