Monday, January 10, 2011

New Years Eve in New Orleans!

We spent the week after New Years at Disney World this year (stay tuned for that post), and we decided to drive since we have such good car travelers and to save money. The way the timing fell, it put us leaving on the drive on New Year’s Eve. Since we had the time, we decided to leave a little earlier on Friday and spend NYE evening in New Orleans. We got there around 8pm and hit up Bourbon Street. That’s right, kids and all. :) We walked the street for a bit and found a cool little restaurant that had no wait! In fact, we were sat right by the window to enjoy all the craziness! Fortunately, the girls were oblivious which is good since I saw an old lady flash for her beads! Gratefully, that was the only flashing I saw the whole night, so we were able to enjoy a great meal, get some beads for the girls and take in the sights of Bourbon Street! We finished our meal by 9:30 or so and debated whether to wait around for the fireworks. We knew the hot spot for the fireworks would be in Jackson Square, but we decided taking the kids there would be too much. I pulled out our GPS and decided to try and cross the river into a neighborhood (the West Bank, I believe) to watch the fireworks from the other side. This turned out to be a great idea. We found a little parking area on a levy, and another 40-50 cars showed up (many with children) and it turned out to be a fantastic viewing area. The fireworks were literally right in front of us, and the New Orleans skyline was our backdrop. It was so great, and the girls loved it! It was a special way for our little family to bring in 2011. Hope you all have a very Happy New Year as well!

P1000110 At our table at the restaurant. The Bourbon Street craziness is there in the background. :)




Trip to the Zoo

I won a year family membership to the Dallas Zoo through work, and we used it for the first time the Thursday after Christmas. It was a beautiful day in the 50s-60s, and the kids loved it. I’m sure we’ll make good use of it over the next year. Here are a few cute photos:









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