Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Time with the Cornwells and One Year Photos

Man - I take SO LONG to update this sometimes, huh? I left you all hanging on the rest of our trip.

Well, let me just say that we had a fantastic time with the Cornwells. While we didn't do anything super touristy or exciting, the down time was just what we wanted. We had a great time just going to the community pool, shooting off fireworks, and even doing a little Dance Dance Revolution. (Paul smoked me...)

Ellie had such a good time climbing the stairs and playing with the Cornwell kids. Ironically, Ryan seemed to enjoy Ellie the most of the three. They were really cute together.

I did get to see Reagan in her ballet class, too. She was so cute, and she did so great!

Things have been busy as usual in the Wiebe home, but everything is going well. Ellie is doing great and is as fun as ever. She nods yes and no, waves hi without prompting all the time, gives lots of kisses, babbles a ton. She's a great swimmer. She doesn't like going under water, but she loves splashing and being thrown. Some of you may be wondering about the walking. She's just a little chicken when it comes to walking. She does great when she holds a hand, but as soon as you take it away that bottom hits the floor. As I've said before, we're not in a hurry. And, she holds her own just fine in the 1 year old room at church with all of the other walkers. She'll do it in her own time.

Enjoy the photos (below)!

The Photos

All the kids swimming in the Cornwell backyard

Mama and Ellie on July 4th

The whole bunch on 7/4

Sweet girl...

Reagan and Ryan ready to get candy at the parade.

Mamas and Babies

Ellie and Riley bathing

All the kiddies ready for bed

Goofy kiddies

Pretty girl

Sitting in the grass

Cheeky smile

Silly face

Blowing kisses (okay, she really wasn't, but she knows how, ok?!)


Yep, she's big enough to go down this slide - by herself!

Classic Ellie... "I'm playing here...did you need something?"

Sweet face...

She may not look happy, but she sure looks cute, right?

Fun in the pool!

Kisses for Mama! My favorite!!

baby development