Monday, August 24, 2009

New Posts - Finally!!!

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Wiebe Summer (don't miss the video)

Cousin Photo Shoot

Leah McCormick ( was the picture of patience and endurance as we did the photo shoot with my sister and her fam below. The first photo is the best shot of the four of them, and I'll just let you enjoy the rest. The faces one of Georgie should look familiar. :)

The Bradys go to Texas

Jennie, David, Georgie and baby James came in on Tuesday the 11th to spend a week in Texas. They stayed at our house, and we spent a bunch of time with Mom and Dad and Penni and Bill. We even got some time in with my cousin Joe and his wife Krissy. It was a great week. Here's the run-down:

Day 1: They arrived and we managed to get all of the kids except baby James (who had taken a good nap on the plane) to sleep in the same room. It took a while, but it eventually happened. We went to El Fenix for dinner and then let the kids play in the baby pool.

Nothing like sharing a hot afternoon popsicle with your cous.

Nakey pool babies

Love this one - how happy are they?!

We'll use this one to embarrass them later.

Oh yeah - I'm scared.

Since we don't manage to capture many on demand smiles from this one, I loved how completely happy she looked in this photo.
This was our first attempt at a pajama photo shoot. I thought you'd be amused by how poorly it went. There really wasn't one good one! LOL Note that we were successful in getting all four kids to sleep by about 10:30pm. Better late than never, right?

Day 2: On Wednesday, we went swimming at our community pool in the morning if memory serves (no photos from that - we were too busy making sure children didn't drown), and we went to Joe and Krissy's house for dinner that night. It was a lovely fajita dinner, and I was remiss in getting photos from that, too. Aunt Penni has those, and someday I'll get them from her.

Day 3: On Thursday, we did our photo shoot with my friend Leah who does all of our photos. I'll post those above which means you've already seen them. That night, Jen and I took Dad out on a date for his bday and Father's Day present combined. We all dressed up, went to Macaroni Grill for dinner and then went to see The Royal Family at Theatre 3. It was a lot of fun, and we all really enjoyed it. We intended to get a photo of the three of us, but you'll just have to imagine us all looking fantastic. :)

Day 4: This was the Splash Kingdom waterpark day. Jen and I were both pretty pumped about this. Splash Kingdom is a water park just outside of Canton. It's a Christian park, so they play Christian music all day and the dress isn't so horrible as at the usual water park. There's an awesome toddler area right in the middle where the little guys can play with slides, splash features, and a beach entry. Ellie seriously went down a little enclosed green slide maybe 50 times. It was crazy. We also took the big kids on one of the adult slides in a double tube. Both Georgie and Ellie LOVED it. We had a blast. I highly recommend it to anyone. Again, Aunt Penni has most of the pictures we took from there. Too busy playing! Here's a couple Jen took:

When Jen and David saw how cook Ellie's lady bug life jacket was, we all decided Georgie had to have one. The only kind they had in the whole city of Dallas was this cute neon orange one. We could definitely find him easily!

Here's one of Ellie in her Lady Bug life jacket.

That night, we did the proverbial Cici's and a movie. We watched a move at home, though, so that we could put the kids to bed. By now, we'd moved baby James to the center bedroom and the other three were doing decent at going to bed in the kids room.

Day 5: We just got donuts for breakfast on Saturday and hung around the house before going out on the boat after naptime.

I love this one. They look so happy just sitting there playing together.

Superman and "Wonder Woman"
I thought this one was precious, too.

Georgie and Crouchburger at the helm!

Uncle Joe getting some cuddle time in with Emerson

Ellie cooling off baby James

Here's what a typical meal looked like (without the adults)

Day 6: Sunday, we went to church and then went to a mall for lunch so that David could get replacement contacts for his glasses that he dropped in the lake. :) He was able to get almost the right prescription for $10 for a couple pair, so that worked. David and James went to a concert that night (Switchfoot and Blue October) while Jen and I did a movie night with the kids.

This is Georgie pondering the meaning of life.

Sweet baby James :)

Love this one

Georgie and Ellie had a lot of fun in the Powerwheels.

How freaking precious is that?!?! Gotta love 'em.

The kids watching Letter Factory for movie night.

Another couch shot from earlier in the week

This was our attempt at bedtime photo shoot number two. LOL!!

We did get one cute photo out of it, though. Sweet babies.

Day 7: James, Jen and I took the kids to the splash park in the morning, and then David and I took them to the pool around lunch. Jen went out to lunch with mom and James went out to lunch with Bill. The only thing noteworthy about the pool was that David decided not to drop his glasses this time (since he didn't have any) but instead to swim with his phone! This was a really expensive trip for him. That night, we went over to mom and dad's for our last dinner with them here.

Cool baby

The princess

The adventurer

Check out that hair. She loved the little rolling pin that Aunt Penni and Uncle Bill got her.

And last but not least, some cousin bathtime. Also to be used in the future for embarrassment.

We had such a great time! Can't wait to see you guys again!
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