Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wiebe Summer

We've had a fast but fun summer. Our summer was primarily framed by the Indy trip I just posted about as well as a three week stint I had in Austin for work followed by my sister and her family coming to visit (see next post). We've spent much time on boats (thanks to Dad, the Webbs and the Yorks) and both girls are amazing in the water. Ellie has even started jumping off the main deck of my dad's boath which is about 10 feet up off the water. Emma - well, she thinks she can swim on her own and likes to jump out of your arms and try it. She cracks us up. Here are a few random photos from the time in between:

We were invited out on a catamaran boat trip with some friends and had a fabulous time. There was a crazy storm in the middle, but it was still a blast. Both girls went down the slide into the water and enjoyed being in the lake.

Ellie has been helping me cook a bit lately. Here's the cook in action!

This is Ellie's "not-so-much-Marilyn-Monroe" pose. I thought it was pretty darn cute.

And in our perhaps most exciting news of the summer, Emerson did finally start walking in the last few weeks - mostly while I was in Austin. :( I did get to see her first steps, though, so we think she's pretty darn adorable when she does it. More video of that later, but here's a cute one just after a big morning of walking:

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Beck-O said...

Oh, James, that video was just MEAN! (But I did laugh a lot.) Aaaaand now I want to go see you all again. Good one. :p

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