Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Wiebes go to Indy

We had an AWESOME time going to visit our friends Paul and Lori in Indianapolis in June. We were supposed to be there for the birth of their 4th child and 3rd daughter Reese. Reese had other plans, though. She was scheduled to come on the 17th and chose to come two weeks early on the 3rd. She weighed in at 7lbs. 4oz., their largest yet. (Note that the Wiebes have never seen a baby that small nor would we have any idea of what a baby coming two weeks – or any time – early would be like). We were so bummed to miss her birth, but we had to keep our plans intact due to work obligations, etc. The bonus was that we got a bunch more time with Paul and Lori and the kids. We had a great time. Much time was spent relaxing at home at at the pool, but we had a few fun outings to give Lori a break from the chaos. Below are some highlights:

Emma the princess in the shade on their lawn.

Ellie and Riley playing

We celebrated Father’s day while we were there. Here’s Ellie and Daddy.

Daddy and his girls.

Ellie holding baby Reese

One day, James and I took 5 kids (Reagan, 8, Ryan, turned 6 while we were there, and Riley, 3, and our two – Baby stayed home) to the Indy Children’s Museum. We and the kids had a really fun time.

There was a dinosaur dig. How cute is Ellie in her goggles?

Ellie in her lab coat

Our four little dinosaurs

Reagan and Riley at the water table

Ellie at the water table

Big diggers

The girlies

This was our attempt to get a cute photo of all five kids. Notice that Emerson and Riley weren’t excited about it.

Especially not Riley

But Riley happied up on the carousel.

Back at the Cornwells, this is Ellie saying “To infinity and beyond!”

Ellie and Reese again. There was a lot of Ellie and Reese time. So cute.

A close-up of sweet Reese

We got to be there for Ryan’s 6th birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese towards the end of our trip. Here’s a cute one of Ellie and Riley enjoying a much smaller carousel.

One photo of me holding Reese. Our routine was that James and I would try and help out with dinner and much as possible and then we’d all clean the kitchen and put the kids to bed. Then it was Amy/Reese time while we watched tv. So nice….

We stayed with James’ Uncle John and Aunt Stacey on the way home. This shows how Emerson was feeling that night. She rarely falls asleep anywhere but her bed, but she was ready that night.

I hate that we didn’t get any photos of the Pitman clan nor of us with our lunch with Aunt Becka and Uncle Daniel. We loved seeing all of you, though! Thanks to the Cornwells for a great two weeks of quality time. Can’t wait to connect again!

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The Cornwell Family said...

Man those are some really cute Cornwell kids! Especially the one of that Riley girl throwing a fit at the Children's Museum. Glad you caught her in all of her glory. I am glad you got pictures from that time. It wasn't until after you were all gone that I realized we didn't really take any pictures of all of us. Guess I was a little preoccupied with the newborn. Thanks again for blessing us with all your help!

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