Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter 2008

Hey, everyone! I know it's shocking for me to post again so soon, but we got some pretty cute photos and video of Ellie's Easter 2008 that I wanted to share.

In other news, many of you have heard that my grandfather (Dad's dad) passed away last week. I will definitely miss him, but he did live a good long life and we're grateful that he's whole again in heaven. The services will be this Tuesday afternoon, so please keep our family in your prayers.

We also moved my ultrasound to Thursday morning since it conflicted with the funeral time, so please keep that in your prayers as well that baby's head will be normal sized and all else will look good.

Enjoy the video and pictures! Video is a little over 2 minutes.

The baby swings were full, but does that phase our kid? No sir! Big girl swing suits her just fine!

And here she is going up the ladder in the bounce house. There were probably 15-20 kids ranging in ages from 2-10 in there with her, but she held her own!

After some work in figuring out that ladder, she made it to the top!

Our girl LOVES slides!

Pretty girl in her Easter dress


The Cornwell Family said...

Oh she is so beautiful!!! I love the dress! Great job on getting it posted so quickly. Paul said it was b/c you only got one kid!

Love ya guys!

Woodbury Family said...

So Cute - I love the dress! Looks like she got a lot of eggs! :)

Unknown said...

She's adorable!They are so much fun at that age, everything is so exciting and new.

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