Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas at the Wiebehaus

We had fun decorating for Christmas this year. If you’re on Facebook, you’ve already seen these, but I wanted it documented on our blog as well. Here are our outdoor lights:

12_14_2009 001

I think my favorite part is having a house where our Christmas tree can be seen through the window. That’s fun.

And here are some of the indoor highlights:

12_15_2009 009

We have carried on my parents tradition with the nativity, and when we get it out James will read the Christmas story straight from Luke 2. When a character or animal is mentioned, the girls (well, Ellie so far) will find the character in the box and go place it in the nativity. Ellie LOVED it this year.

12_15_2009 010

Counting down.. Ellie loves changing the location of the candy cane each day, and Emma loves pulling it out. :)

12_15_2009 011

The Christmas tree, and some garland with lights on top of the tv.

12_15_2009 012

Our new AV cabinet that James built (along with his favorite Santa).

12_15_2009 013

This is at the back of the room behind the sofa since we don’t have a fireplace or a mantle. I love their new stockings.

12_15_2009 014

The stairwell lined with garland, ribbon and lights

12_15_2009 015

The dining room table

12_15_2009 017

Christmas card display on the kitchen cabinets.

12_15_2009 018

Here are the curtains I made for the toy cabinet (one more to go on the bottom) and a cute fibre optic Christmas tree for up there.

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