Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Two Week Update

Emerson is two weeks old today! We had her two week checkup at the doctor this morning. She was supposed to be back at her birth weight of 8 lbs. 4 oz. or more. Well, our little piggy weighed in at 8 lbs. 9 oz., so she's eating well. She's 50% on weight and 75% on height and head, so she's growing nicely. They did her heel prick test, which she was SO not a fan of, but the nurse did a good job and it was over quickly. (Ellie's was awful - she wouldn't bleed and they had to prick both heels. It was the only time of all her shots and pokes that I cried.)

Emerson continues to sleep well. She consistently does 4-6 hour stretches at night and one time even did 6 1/2 hours. She's generally pretty happy during the day and has a lot of content awake time. We're so happy that she seems to be another content happy little baby!

Ellie is doing great also. We've definitely been able to tell that she's noticed the changes in her home. She had a few days where she wasn't quite as obedient as usual, but nothing major at all. She loves her baby sister and showers her with kisses and likes to hold her whenever we'll allow it.

I was a little crazy and decided to take Emerson to the women's retreat at church this last weekend. James really encouraged me to go, and I wanted to so I just went and did it. Emerson was 10 days old! My sweet friend Libby offerred to room with me and Emma, so we went for it. Several of us met up in Canton to shop a bit before the retreat, and then we all went to the retreat and had a great time. I had lots of people to help me out with Emerson, and she slept pretty well that night. I think Libby will still be my friend. :)

Emerson and I also went to Brooke's bridal shower on Saturday afternoon. Brooke is my oldest friend. We met and became best friends in preschool when we were 3. I'm so happy she got to meet Emerson and that she's found Mr. Right!

Enjoy the photos!

The girls in Canton. From top, Jen, Kylie, Brittney and Shannon and Libby, Jen and me and Emerson.

Brooke holding Emerson

How cute is that onesie?!

Emerson and Marmi

Proud big sister!

Looking at at her swing

Enjoying bathtime

Super cute in the froggy outfit from Marmi

Daddy and his girls

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Beck-O said...

YAY! Those pictures are amazing. Jocelyn told me the other day that Ellie loves on Emma all the time. That's so sweet. I can't wait to see everyone! Congrats on another "easy" baby, too! We're so excited for you. :)

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