Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Two Girls vs One Mama - Tie score

So, this week was our first "normal" week where I was on my own on Monday/Tuesday while James was at work. The girls won on Monday. Both were more whiny than usual, and Ellie in particular really got the best of me. Fortunately, James came home by 7:30, so I had help with getting them to bed.

Tuesday, they were both great and we had a great day together. I went to our moms group at church that morning, and Emerson was kind enough to sleep through all of it. She did cry in the car on the way home some as I was pushing her feeding time a bit. Ellie was funny, because she shushed Emerson in the car. (Emerson didn't take heed, though!)

I managed to get them both bathed and put to bed on my own as James had clients until 11 last night. Ellie was super funny after her bath. She normally likes to run out to whoever is in the living room (usually just whichever parent isn't doing the bath) and basically bask in her nakedness. We always make a big deal out of it and then she runs back to get her diaper and jammies on. Well, tonight, James wasn't home so there was no one to show. I told her this and she said "Emma!" knowing that Emma was in the swing in the living room. LOL. So, she ran out to show Emma that she was indeed naked. Emma didn't give Ellie the attention she was wanting, I don't think!

Another cute story from yesterday... I've been teaching Ellie to say "sorry" when she has disobeyed. Up until yesterday, she only said it when I asked her to. She went over to Emerson in her bouncy seat and started trying to lift her up. I (loudly) told her to stop and she did and walked towards me and said sorry on her own for the first time. So sweet... (Her sorry actually sounds more like "sose", but I knew what she meant!)

More pictures soon...


ThePoeFam said...

Sweet Ellie! I know she's such a good big sis! ... And, good for you handling the girls on your own! I had no doubt! :)

Remy said...

I used to do the same thing... and my grandpa would ask, "Where's your britches?" I would laugh and laugh! Great memories!!!

Mrs. Brady said...

it's awesome that Ellie shushed Emma in the car. Georgie covers his ears and squints his eyes as though there's a natural disaster in progress whenever James cries. very sweet big sister and way to go!

James said...

I cover my ears and close my eyes when the girls start crying too. And sometimes, it is a little bit like a natural disaster. Good job though, Amy!

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