Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Are We Ready for 2 years old? Not sure...

First of all, do you like my new header?! Thanks so much to Brittney for designing it for us - I LOVE IT!

As we approach the two year birthday of our sweet Ellie, I've wondered what the next year has in store. 80% of the time, Ellie is a gem and super sweet. While we've been fortunate to avoid any tantrums to date, the other 20% can definitely be frustrating. Will it get worse? I'm thinking it might, but don't burst my bubble just yet. :) Here's a fun video I took of her yesterday. It's 2 1/2 minutes long - enjoy!

Our sweet Emerson is growing big and changing everyday. I'll upload some more photos of her soon. She continues to be an amazing sleeper only getting up once a night. She's getting some major forgiveness from me for that on the grudge I was holding regarding her being 11 days late. :) She's also very accommodating with our schedule and (mostly) happily attends church and our FPU class and goes to dad's boat or whatever we have going on. I suppose that's part of the plight of the second child, though.
As for how we're getting along with two children, it is definitely harder. So far with me on maternity leave, James hasn't had them alone much and I only have them alone on Mondays and Tuesdays. We're super blessed for our schedule and how much family time we have. I'll also admit that it's much harder to get out and run errands by yourself with two kids. I make myself do it anyway, but it is a challenge. Yesterday, I needed to go to an office supply store and then I just needed to get stamps. The office supply store went fine, but it was so tempting to just forget the stamps. That's ALL I needed, and I had to take both kids into the grocery store just for the two minutes it took to get the stamps. I've decided they need a drive through for stamps (and SO many other things). In fact, I'd like to fax my grocery list ahead to Target and then just go through a drive through line where they load my groceries. I don't want to pay more for that service, though, so therein lies the dilemma. Hehe.


Wiebe Guest said...

Oh my gosh Amy! Ellie is getting so big! I can't believe she can say her alphabet so good...and her numbers. And I totally agree they should have a drive thru at Target. It doesn't get all that much easier to go to the store with 2, even when they are 3 1/2 and almost 7...especially when they're girls. Girls just like to talk NONSTOP, which doesn't give you much of a break to think about what you're doing. I have forgotten many things at the grocery store or bought the wrong thing as a result of this.

Jen Aleman :)

The Cornwell Family said...

OK..I promise it will get easier. Then when there are 3 kids, it seems like a breeze with two. I guess it is always where we are at that point in our lives. But, yes, I would love a drive-thru for everything!!

Woodbury Family said...

I LOVE the new header - so cute!! :) I can't imagine how hard two must be!

Anonymous said...

Both of your girls are so beautiful! If you ever need tips on how to avoid getting out of the car with two small kids, let me know, I think I have figured out almost everything you can do from a Ford Explorer. Next time you need stamps go through a bank drive thru, they almost always have them. Two kids under the age of two is a challenge, but also a great joy. Take care!
~Kristin Stendera

Wiebe Guest said...

So the whole blog world is new to me. I keep meaning to start one, but I have not yet. Anyway, the reason there are two basically identical posts is because I noticed a typo in the first and tried to correct it, I did not mean to post it twice. Notice the double negative in my first post, my brain has not been the same since having babies :)

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