Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wiebe Christmas 2010

Another wonderful Christmas at the Wiebehaus has come and gone. We’re blessed for sure! We started off December with a really fun advent countdown. I and 23 other fun moms got together and each made an ornament to go along with a set of devotionals that my friend Carrie wrote. We made 24  versions of our assigned ornament and then had a little party to exchange them. They were all so cute, and it was so fun doing the devotionals each night. The girls both really got a lot out of the devotionals and will continue to do so for years to come. It really helped keep us grounded through all the craziness in the true reason for the season – Christ! I’m so happy to have them! The girls hung their ornaments on their little tree in their room, and here was the end result:


(The one I made was the Bethlehem cityscape with the sand on the bottom in the above photo.)




Here was the decor this year. Very similar to last year:



Kitchen cabinets with our cards!


Dining room table


Napkins embroidered with our W from my new sewing machine! :)


Living room



Uncle Mark and Aunt Joci arrived on Thursday afternoon. On Friday, we prepped the pies and then joined my family and most of the Van Horn crew at El Fenix for our Christmas Eve dinner. It was yum!! (Side story: I took Emma to the bathroom, and while we were in there, the fire alarm went off. I was TERRIFIED Ellie had pulled it while I was away, and everyone at the table wondered if it was Emma. LOL! It wasn’t – both kids were accounted for, and there was no real fire.) Then we came back to our house and let the girls open their one Christmas Eve gift (which is always PJs, but those sweet little babies haven’t figured that out yet!). They were excited with their Disney princess PJs that will also work well when we go to Disney World next week!



Aunt Becka and Uncle Daniel  arrived right as the girls opened their gifts – how convenient! We then all piled into the Yukon and went to look at Christmas lights. Ellie stayed up with me to help make Santa’s cookies, and we put the carrots and the water out on the porch for the reindeer. She was super excited, but still fell asleep really quickly. We told the girls to stay in their room until we came to get them in the morning.

And on Christmas morning, James and I got up slightly before 8, and both kids were still in bed when we came out at 8:15! Pretty good, right? Uncle Bill went in to entertain them while we got ready and waited on Mom and Dad. By 9 am, we were all set, and I brought them down to see their gifts. Their Santa gifts were super hero capes (that Santa enlisted Momma’s help to make – new sewing machine, remember?), Ellie’s pink flute, a farm book for Emma and an Aquadoodle that they LOVE.




Then we started opening the rest of the presents. We were all blessed with lots of fun stuff! I got some cake pans that I wanted and some clothes. I also got a super cute apron from my sister. James got some Bible commentary books and a gun vault as well as a few decor items for his office at church. Here are a few highlights from the girls:








We had dinner late this year – around 6pm on Christmas Day. It was nice in that we had plenty of time to get the food ready, but we did note that then we couldn’t take naps as soon as we were done. :) We spent the evening watching James’ play that he did at church and then we watched Inception. The day after Christmas, we went to church and then had lunch with the Wiebe fam at Abuelo’s. Mark and Jocelyn headed on to Abilene from there, and Becka and Daniel were able to stay until Wednesday morning.

On Tuesday, Becka and Daniel joined us on a road trip to go see Mamaw in College Station. Ellie is always SUPER excited to see Mamaw and wanted to write on our count down plate. Not bad!



Showing off her cape at Mamaw’s

P1000041 Photo of Aunt Becka and Uncle Daniel (taken by Ellie)



Emma had a lot of fun with the trash can. :)

P1000053 Uncle Charles is always a lot of fun!

P1000057 Opening presents from Mamaw

P1000059 Playing with cousin Jacob and his farm set

P1000067 And how cute is THIS?! Jacob shared his headphones for his DS with Ellie, and they were super sweet together.

P1000069 Group shot! So good to see everyone!

I think the best part of this Christmas has been the family time we’ve had. Ellie is really starting to notice how much we work, and she really loves it when we have time together. I, of course, love it too! So glad to get to celebrate the birth of our Savior with those I love the most!

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Beck-O said...

Daniel and I had a blast hanging out with you guys this looong weekend! We miss playing with the girls already (and you adult-types, too!) and Daniel was even bragging to his brother about how fun they are! Thanks again for hosting! Love you!

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