Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ellie's First Easter

Ellie has been....a handful today. She's starting to like to pick up her food herself. The green bean bowl was dumped out in short order. Soon after, she found Daddy's Dr. Pepper and promptly spilled that all over herself and the floor. She then had another nap and is now playing like an angel. What a sweet girl.

We went to Houston last week. Ellie and James drove down to hang in the hotel while I went to some training. Ellie did pretty good in the hotel room, but she's definitely gotten used to her crib in her own room, I think. We have a couple more trips this year, so hopefully she'll get unused to it easily too. A mom can hope, right?

She clapped for my mom yesterday - don't they know they're not supposed to do new stuff when we're not around? And of course, she has done no clapping for me today.

She did sign "more" twice to me today when I was feeding her. She's not consistent, but I think she's starting to get it. It's fun after all these months of signing.

Here are some fun pictures (Note: Some of the links below seem to be broken. I tried to correct them on my end, but it seems to be a website issue - sorry!):

Sure am having fun with my dinosaur toy!

Mama - you didn't want this trash to STAY in the trash can, did you?

Ravioli is yummy!

Playing with my friend Korben!

Sleepy baby cuddling with Mama.

The bottle got me!

I can hold my bottle now!

I love Sesame Street!

My first train ride at the Easter Extravaganza at church.

Me with a beautiful hot air balloon!

My first Easter egg hunt.

I don't know what's in these, but they're fun to shake!

Like my Easter dress? My Aunt Co gave it to me - her daughter wore it years ago!

I got to meet my friend Emerson in Houston!


Anonymous said...

ahhhhhh!! That is all I can say. You are captivating, Ellie! We love you! Hope to meet you one day!

Dan, Kerri, Jake, and Livi

The Cornwell Family said...

Hey Ellie!

We love the new site! You look so cute and pretty in all your pictures! We look forward to playing with you!

The Cornwells

Beck-O said...

So... I miss you, but... maybe you SHOULD send Ellie with Jocelyn this weekend! ;) She is SO BIG! I can't wait another month and a half! And happy un-birthday!

ThePoeFam said...

Hey girl...such cute pics of your baby girl! ... Thanks so much for dinner the other night and for staying to chat. It was great to see you! See you Sunday at church!!! Quinn and I are going for the first time...yay!!!

ThePoeFam said...

It's time for new pics! :)

Unknown said...

The pictures are adorable as always, she's growing up so fast.