Sunday, April 8, 2007

Archive - From 4/28/06 - The Countdown Has Begun

Although, I guess when you think about a countdown in this case, it's sort of arbitrary. She gets to choose when she arrives! That said, there are only 27 days left to the due date. We're in the home stretch for sure!

The nursery is all ready. We have the car seat (but haven't installed it yet). All of her clothes for the first couple of months are washed and ready for her. I have less than two more weeks before I'm on maternity leave with work. We're about as ready as we can be, I suppose!

I'm still feeling really well in general. Some nights of sleep are better than others, and I have some days where my headaches are rough but overall I'm still in really good shape. She still moves around and kicks a fair amount. She's found that kicking under my ribs seems to be fun - for her anyway.

We had another ultrasound today. She appears to be perfectly healthy and was breathing really well today. Her noggin is still measuring really large, though. The doctor says it's nothing to be concerned about from a health perspective, but it may not be fun trying to get her out. We're confident God is in control there, though, so we'll wait for His timing. (We're hoping His timing is a week or two early, but we shall see!)

Here is a little video from the ultrasound today. She still has her face pushed right up against the placenta, so that's what all the fuzzy stuff is. You can see her nose pretty well on the left and that's her foot on the right. She's a flexible little girl, evidently!

Click here to watch 'Baby-Wiebe-Face-and-Foot'

I've updated the photos with a couple new belly shots as well.

I hope this finds you all well. We'd love to hear from you - drop us an email or sign the guestbook!

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