Sunday, April 8, 2007

Archive - From 7/23/06 - My First Flight!

I'm still technically on maternity leave (until August 23rd), but there was a convention last week with work that I wanted to be at. As such, Ellie and I went to Ft. Lauderdale, FL! We flew my sister Jennie and my nephew Georgie out to help with Ellie. I was quite stressed about the flight, but she did great. She screamed for the first 20 minutes of the first flight while people were loading, but then she got to eat and didn't make a peep the rest of the flight. She didn't even mind the landing - her ears seemed fine. It was very cool. She did great in Florida, too. She went swimming and on walks with Aunt Jen and Georgie, and slept just like she does at home.
Speaking of sleeping, she is still doing great. Our nightime routine is a bath, lotion massage, changing to sleepers and a swaddle before her 7pm feeding. Hugs and prayers and to bed. (We've moved her into her own room now.) I go in there at 10 or so to give her a last feeding and most times she doesn't even open her eyes and just stays half asleep. She then wakes again around 3-4am for a feeding and then our day starts around 7. Not bad for 7 weeks!

She also finally got to meet her Mama Jean and Fritz. They arrived while we were in Florida, so they picked us up at the airport on Thursday afternoon. She also met her Uncle Mark and Aunt Jocie on Friday afternoon, so she's been quite the show-off. (In case it was in question, they all think she's pretty great!)

She's a great baby, and we're really enjoying her. She smiles a ton now and coos a lot. She seems to be hanging on to all her hair, too, which makes Mama very happy.

Our next big thing is 2-month shots on 7/31. Mama will likely cry more than Ellie, but we'll see. :)

Hope you're all doing great!

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