Sunday, April 8, 2007

Archive - From 2/26/07 - 9 Month Update

In just a few days Ellie will be 9 months old. She has given new meaning to the phrase “Wow, how fast time flies!” She is not really crawling per se. Instead she just rolls over and over. She crosses the living room and gets where she wants pretty fast now. I have set her down in the middle of the floor, run into the kitchen for a minute and come back to find her all the way across the room reaching for something that is currently out of her grasp. We are quickly discovering just how much child-proofing we’re going to have to do. She sits up great and plays both with us and on her own very well. She keeps herself content playing alone, sometimes for surprising lengths of time. Until she gets a brother or sister (NO, we’re not expecting again…yet) she’ll just have to be happy playing with us and with her toys. She started pulling herself up to her feet with the help of our fingers and stands and tries to walk with us a little bit now. She is not yet pulling herself up in her crib but it's only a matter of time.

She started eating solids a couple of months ago and Amy makes the vast majority of her food. Ellie is eating increasingly large amounts of solid foods, and is also getting coordinated enough to eat cheerios and “puffs” with two fingers/her whole hand cramming them in her mouth. They often get stuck either to her face, her bib, or her hands. Amy is still nursing, but we are realizing that there will come a time in the next few months when that will likely come to an end. Amy says she'll be sad when this happens. It’s a little bewildering to me. I think I’d be ready for my body to be MY BODY again after all this time. However, Amy has relished these months of doing that with and for our daughter, and I’m sure Ellie will miss it too. I’m so proud of Amy for working so hard at doing it so consistently, and with her work schedule, it has been a chore.

We put up her 6 month professional photos, so check them out. Please don't download them. We also just had a visit from PaPa, so enjoy the new photos there.

Ellie is a ham and is developing a flair for the dramatic. She talks and mumbles (as well as complains) with a variety of sounds. She is developing a cute personality. She is patient and happy about 95% of the time, which makes her a joy to be around. She still goes down for naps almost at the drop of a hat. We set her down in her crib, and generally speaking, she just rolls over and falls asleep, which makes our life very easy compared to some other parents of babies we know. She wakes up happy most of the time and talks to herself for amusement until we come and get her. She loves to smile and laugh, now showing off her two little bottom teeth. Ellie is so much fun and we are so blessed to have her. We hope you are all doing well. Talk to you soon.

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