Sunday, April 8, 2007

Archive - From 8/7/06 - Meeting Daddy's Family

Well, the last three weeks have been spent meeting James' side of the family. Mama Jean and Fritz (James' parents) have been staying with us for the last 3 weeks (minus a trip to Abilene in the middle) and are presently making their way back up to New York on a slow road trip with more family visits along the way.

Aunt Becka (James' little sister) arrived in Dallas on Saturday night. This was her first time to meet Ellie, so Ellie has finally met all of her aunts and uncles now. Becka got two short days with us before heading back to Searcy, AR for school. She's not far away, though, so we hope to see her again soon.

We just returned from her second road trip. She went with us to Bryan, TX to visit Uncle Charles, Aunt Glenda and Aunt Betty. Glenda and Betty are Jean's aunts. We had a great time visiting and passing Ellie around.

She got her shots on 7/28. We were mean and videoed it. She did really great. There were tears (hers - not too many of mine) and some really cute sad faces, but she recovered quickly and slept most of the day. She continues to grow like a weed. She's in the 90-95th percentile for weight, height and of course head size!

She's just started little laughs in the last day or two. We're excited for her to start doing it more and get it on video.

She tried her Exersaucer today for the first time. Here's a little video of her in it for you. (Yes, she's a child prodigy at two months!)

Click here to watch "Ellie in her Exersaucer"

I've also been working on a video montage of Ellie. A friend of mine told me about the perfect song for it, so I hope you enjoy!

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