Sunday, April 8, 2007

Archive - From 11/13/06 - 5 Month Update

Hi, everyone,

All is going well. Our big news is that Ellie has consistently been sleeping through the night for the past couple of weeks. We're so happy!

She's still as happy and content as always. She's rolling all over the place and is just starting to sit up. So far she just makes it a few seconds before falling over, but she's getting close.

There's tons of drool but still no teeth. I imagine they'll just show up out of the blue one of these days.

We're headed on a driving trip to Denver for Thanksgiving. Ellie will meet her Papaw (great grandpa) for the first time. Cousin Georgie will be there, too, along with lots of others, so we're really excited. Keep us in your prayers that the trip goes well!

We hope you all have a very blessed Thanksgiving. We definitely have MUCH to be thankful for!

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