Sunday, April 8, 2007

Archive - From 1/3/07 - 7 Month Update

Wow - I can't believe how long it's been since I updated this. Sorry! Guess I'll blame the holidays.

Eliana has had a pretty good 2 months. The only hitch has been her first illness. I got sick before Thanksgiving, and it seems she got the same thing. She's been feeling bad off and on and is still hanging on to a cough. Most of the time, though, she's her normal happy self.

She continues to roll over like a champ. She's sitting up, but only for a few seconds to a minute at a time. She still topples, but she'll get there. She's so fun and interactive now. She plays with her toys and babbles so much more. She loves going on walks and swinging at the park. She's also started eating solid foods and is literally eating them up. So far, the only thing she doesn't like is green beans. :)

She's still sleeping through the night even with her sickness, which is so great. We've also dropped her late night feeding which is nice for Mama. Still no teeth, but something sharp has recently appeared on her bottom gum, so maybe soon.

We've had a wonderful two months with family. Ellie got to meet her Papaw over Thanksgiving which was great. Grandpa Fritz has successfully moved to Texas, so there will be more time with him now, too. It was a bittersweet Christmas without our Mama Jean and Mamaw....

James and I are doing well. I'm enjoying my work, and James is loving his counselling. Please continue to pray that his practice will continue to grow.

Enjoy the new pictures!

We pray for health and blessing in 2007 for all of you!

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