Sunday, April 8, 2007

Archive - From 6/5/06 - First Home Sponge Bath and Funny Daddy Story

Hi, everyone,

We added some more pictures tonight. Ellie had her first home sponge bath last night. Mama Jean and Fritz (James' parents) were on speaker phone so that they could join in the fun. She wasn't a huge fan of most of it, but she was happy and clean at the end.

We had our first diaper blow-out today. Fortunately it happened with Daddy. :) He got her up for her next feeding and went to change her diaper. As soon as he was done and bringing her back to me, she went in the fresh diaper. So, back to the changing table James goes. This one blew out the back and managed to get all over the changing table as well as on James' arm. As he's cleaning her up, she then starts to go pee as well! (Add to the mental picture Mom laughing from the living room.) He stood strong, though, and she's all clean, in a new outfit and feeding like a champ.

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