Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Reflections on Turning 30

Well, unfortunately I must disappoint Brittney because I don't have any new pictures yet. I'm out of town, and our easy camera is currently out of commission. I do hope to put some more video up this weekend, though, so stay tuned.

Thought I'd blog a bit about the big 3-0. James and I just hit this milestone this last month. Several people have asked if it was hard. Here are my musings...

First of all, I've always thought one's 30s were a really great decade of life. I've always glorified this decade in my mind and looked forward to it. Our first decade on this earth is one of great molding and immature thought. We're busy learning simple things like how to walk, talk, and relate to others. Our second decade may very well be one of the most challenging as we struggle to free ourselves from the cocoon that is childhood. We learn to handle conflict and experiment with our independence.

Our third decade - that of our 20s - is fun but also holds many mistakes as we determine what adulthood really is. For me, this decade contained some "adult" milestones. Graduating college was the first. An exciting accomplishment to be sure, but even at the time it felt like a tiny scuffle towards adulthood itself. Second was marrying my best friend James. This was a bigger step, but still in many ways just felt like a really fun slumber party where playing house became a little more serious. Starting my career was next. As I've developed over the last 7 years I have unwittingly advanced on the road of being an adult.

Perhaps the pinnacle that would make anyone realize they were a true bona fide adult is the conception and birth of a child. Certainly once we bring another being into the world that will develop into an adult, we ourselves have reached this point. Maybe for some, but still not quite yet for me. Eliana has been such an easy child that she often seems like a blessed visitor in our home. Even after almost a year, it's almost impossible to imagine her talking to us and expressing her opinions verbally.

No, I think what has really made me feel like a real no-turning-back adult is turning 30. In my looking forward to this decade, I imagined the 30s to be the decade when I'd truly know myself. I'd be established both in my career and at home. I'd be at the enormously exciting point of starting a family with my best friend. These things have come true, and I'm grateful. Cetainly all credit goes to the hand of God in my life.

Will there be more mistakes? Most definitely. More tragedies? Likely. More disappointments? Possibly. More successes? I hope so. More kids? God willing...(twins, please!) More love? Without a doubt.

Will I tell people I'm 29 with practice? No way! I'm 30 and proud of it.


The Cornwell Family said...

Yeah...you're on your way. I turned 36, so I realize I am closer to 40 than 30 now!!! UGH! Have 3 kids and still probably want one more! What insight into your turning 30.....

Love ya best friend!

Anonymous said...

wow. i didn't know turning 30 could make a person ramble like that. just kidding. i thought you put your thoughts into words quite well and i agree about it being a fun decade. i mean you get to raise your children while you're in your 30s. what could be better than that? well, besides getting a head start...hehe. :)

Unknown said...

I did not handle turning 30 as well as you did, but now that it's here I realize that it is not as bad as I thought it would be. Such a good insight on this decade we're imparting on :).
Love ya,