Sunday, May 22, 2011

Preschool Graduation

You know, when I first heard of preschool graduation, I thought it might be a little over the top. Having experienced it, though, it was SUPER cute. I really love that our school (and evidently every other preschool in this area) does such a cute event for the kids and their families.

It started with a cute little processional. Unfortunately, I caught the photo right as she was waving at us, but you get the idea:


P1000880 Such a little lady

P1000881They sing a couple of songs before they get their certificates. The hats were a bit of a distraction, but she sang and did her party really well. (Sorry for the poor quality photo)

They did a little slide show where they show a baby photo next to the graduation photo of each graduate. Here’s a photo of Ellie’s slide:


As each child’s name was called, their teacher’s had written a little label describing each kid. As the kids in front of her went, I was wondering what hers would say. I know what she’s like with us, but I wondered what the biggest quality she displayed at school would be. There were various ones in front of her, “Mr. Energetic”, “Miss Perfectionist”, “Miss Popular”, etc. When it was time for Ellie, they said:

“With her kind heart, she is always looking out for her friends. She is Miss Compassionate, Ellie Wiebe”

P1000886 I was one proud Momma.

P1000887 Accepting her little certificate. When I ask her to tell anyone about the graduation, she just tells the about the candy she got in her little certificate bag. :)



P1000894 Ellie and Ms. Kari

Just like Emma, Ellie had a really great year at preschool this year. Since it’s my blog, I’ll brag for just a moment. She knows all of her letters, all of their phonetic sounds, her numbers up to 30 (and beyond), she knows how to rhyme, she knows her spacial relationships (above, under, next to), how to spell all of her colors, and a bunch of sight words. Socially, too, her teachers agreed she was all set for kindergarten! We’re super proud of her all the way around. I’m definitely a bit sad to be saying goodbye to preschool and entering the kindergaten/grade school world, but I think we’re as ready as we’re gonna get!

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