Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Birthday Mania

Amy: Tuesday, April 19th

Emerson: Saturday, April 23rd

James: Monday, April 25th

Ellie: Wondering why everyone gets celebrated in April except her! (It will be good when little bean is here and she won’t be the only one left out.)

April is….insane. As many of you fondly recall, sweet little Emma was due on April 12th and was determined to slide in between our already tight birthdays and be SUPER late. Ah, well. At least we eat well for a good couple of weeks!

We kicked it off with the big 3-4 for me. I’m actually loving my 30s and don’t mind turning a year older at all really. James did a great job making my day special including picking up some clothes for me with the girls and decorating the kitchen a bit. Both girls made me cards, and we were all able to go out to dinner together. It was a nice day for sure!

Emma’s actual birthday was on the Saturday before Easter. We decided to move her party to the following weekend since Easter weekend can be so hectic. Instead, we went to the Easter event at church and then Mom and Dad took us out to celebrate all 3 birthdays at a steak house that night. Here are a few photos from that Saturday:







P1000713 This one crack me up – love how intently she’s closing those eyes!


P1000716 The birthday girl on her birthday night after dinner about to open presents from Cookie and Crouchburger


Stay tuned for a separate post all about her Princess Party!

And then we celebrated James on Monday. I admit that he did better than I did. I had an INSANE day at work that day and barely had time to get him gifts and make him a card. We did some very minor decorating and did make him go on a hot/cold scavenger hunt all over the house to find his gifts. (Was this a sad result of me not having time to wrap them? Maybe, maybe not. I’ll never tell.) We went out for a Chinese buffet dinner,  so I think the birthday boy ended up pretty happy. :)

James and I decided a few years ago that with our birthdays so close that we’d alternate years where one of us is celebrated at a dinner out with friends and the other gets to choose the restaurant for our dinner with Mom and Dad. This year, James chose a steak place with Mom and Dad (Texas Land & Cattle) and he set up a dinner with some friends for me. We did the dinner the weekend after Easter, too, the same night as Emma’s party. It was a long fun day, but we had a lovely time out at Cheesecake Factory with some sweet friends.

While it has indeed been insane, it has also been great celebrating all of our April birthdays! Now on to start planning Ellie’s May party!

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