Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Woodbury’s are in Texas!

Our friends, the Woodbury’s, are about one year into a two year stint in London. We’re definitely missing them, but we love connecting when they make it back in town. Shelley’s parents are the BEST, because they offered (for the second time) to watch all the kids while the adults could go out to dinner. With the Woodbury kids’ cousins there as well, they had quite a handful!

P1000858 This is the scene we came home to – looks like she has it completely under control, huh? I’m sure they were like this the whole night…positive….

We tried to get a photo of the four of us. Emma wanted the camera first and here’s the result:


Ellie saved us, though:

P1000862 The boys missed each other SO much that they wanted to dress the same. Isn’t that cute?

P1000863 I didn’t realize that Brylie got in on our silly face photo.

P1000864 Sweet friends!

P1000865 Sweet little man. Maybe we’ll have another little friend for you here soon…

It was so good to see you guys! Looking forward to hopefully connecting again before you head back!

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