Thursday, April 17, 2008

Still Pregnant Version 2

Just wanted to confirm that I am still indeed pregnant. I'm feeling fine physically and trying not to get too frustrated emotionally. Some days are better than others! :)

We just got back from this week's doctor appointment. I'm 3cm dilated now, which is a good thing. He said he'll let me go pretty far into next week before he'll want to do a c-section. He also said that since I'm already dilated a bit, that he'd even try a mini-inducement before going straight for the c-section. He'd break my water and give me just a little pitocin to see if that kicked me into labor. So, I'm encouraged that I still have a decent chance of avoiding the c-section. Obviously, the hope and prayer is that I go into labor on my own before next week and that I can have her without a c-section. So, we'd certainly appreciate your prayers in that direction.

In the meantime, life has been pretty quiet around here while we wait our on newest addition. I did go to the mall with my friend Shelley and her daughter Brylie yesterday. Her mom and nephews joined us, so here's a pretty cute picture that her mom took:


The Cornwell Family said...

OK...we are still here waiting patiently. The kids are praying every night!

Anonymous said...

I have a ton of ideas that helped put me into labor... always willing to share if you are "that ready" to have your baby!!! :) I am not waiting so patiently as Lori said they are. Can't wait to see photos and meet your little one (over the internet.... :( )

ThePoeFam said...

MY GOODNESS!!! Come ON baby girl!!! We can't wait to meet you!