Friday, April 25, 2008

More Pictures!

Enjoy a few more pics!

This is a splice of both girls when they were first born. Emma is on the left, and Ellie is on the right. We still need to get some good close ups of Emma, but they look really similar to us.

Big sister holding Emma for the first time

Sister hug

Daddy and his girls on his birthday! Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Mama and her girls


ThePoeFam said...

I love the pictures...and I love that sweet baby girl! We're anxious to come over on Sunday so I can hold her again!!! Glad that you're home safe and sound! :)

The Cornwell Family said...

All right, more pictures! They look great! Keep 'em coming! We love looking at them!

Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! Love the name!! She is soooo sweet!!! I wish I could come over and take some close ups for you........ or at least HOLD her!! Wow! Do they really come that small? :) (Both of mine were smaller than that, I guess!) Hope you are doing well and that she is sleeping through the night already!! (OK, I'll give her a few more weeks!!!) Love and prayers from Seattle.

Beck-O said...

YAY!! Ditto on the "keep 'em coming!" Times seven. :) This summer needs to hurry up and get here (so I can visit!) Kiss my nieces for me!