Monday, April 28, 2008

Still More Photos

Here are a few more photos for you. They're not necessarily in chronological order, but you get the idea. Thanks to Jessica and Aunt Jocie for sending over your photos! All is going well. Emerson did awesome last night - at least for a 5 day old. She woke up twice for feedings but slept straight through in between. Mama is VERY grateful. Could she be as easy as Ellie was? :)

Okay, so this obviously isn't of the baby, but thought it was cute to be reminded what happens when you combine a toddler with chocolate pudding unattended. :)


Anonymous said...

Amy & James - Nice work on the new little one!!! She is a sweetie! That is awesome, life will be even more nuttier for you guys now with 2 little ones, that is great. Hope everything continues to go awesome and everyone is healthy! - Paul

PS - I was visitor #1000 on your blog, very historical!! LOL

Woodbury Family said...

So Sweet!! So glad she is sleeping so well for you guys! :)

KirsieMarie said...

Emma is BEAUTIFUL and Ellie is TALLLLLLLLLLL!!! Wish we could be there . . . xo the Christiansons

Mrs. Brady said...

yeah so where's the new set of pics? it's been over a week and auntie needs a niece fix. :)