Sunday, November 14, 2010

First Day of Preschool

Yes, I realize it was two months ago. Hopefully most of our faithful readers are used to me mostly going dark during my PwC busy season.

Here’s my attempt at catching up. Ellie started her second year of preschool at a nearby church this year. She LOVES school and is in a class with one of our sweet friends and has some great teachers. Because Emerson seemed to want so badly to go to school last year, we also decided to put her in a two day Kids Day Out program. She also was blessed with fabulous teachers and also loves school.

In Ellie’s class, the teachers have a chart in her folder that they send home every day. They put a star sticker in there if she has a good day, and they write a note if she has behavior that needs improvement. Ellie is a typical firstborn in many ways and is normally a happy-go-lucky agreeable social kid. Most days, she comes home with a star, and she’ll tell us with her super expressive face “I obeyed the WHOLE time!” She loves it when she gets her star, and conversely she tells us immediately if she made a “bad choice” and knows it’s not good if there’s a note in her folder.

And speaking of conversely, then there’s Emma. She’s our kid with attitude. She has no problem screaming or hitting at school to get her way. She’ll just tell us she had to go to time out like it was nothing and doesn’t even really express much remorse. We discipline her appropriately, and she does seem sad and remorseful then. However it’s often not too long before we’re getting another negative report from her teachers. They of course love her anyway, and it’s evidently indicative of many of the two year olds. It’s a good thing she’s cute, that one. We love her to pieces, but we’re probably trending towards the strong willed side when it comes to her. She makes us laugh as much or more often as she frustrates.

Here are some school photos of them.






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