Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lightning Bugs

Ellie has been in gymnastics all summer. She just took one little class once a week. She enjoyed it, but we talked to her about whether she’d like to keep doing that or try soccer and she really wanted to do soccer. So, here we are!

It has started off a little overwhelming since we had a few practices before the games started and then two games within two days (a Saturday and a rare Monday night game). But she has a really great coach and a sweet little team. As the title implies, the name of their team is the Lightning Bugs. I LOVE the name – so cute. And check out my sweet little bug in action:


Stretching at the first practice






Should be a fun season! All the girls including Ellie do better at each practice/game. She and Daddy are going to put in some extra practice as long as she enjoys it, too. If you want to come to a game, just let us know!


The Cornwell Family said...

OK...so Ellie just looks SO CUTE!!! I love them in their little soccer uniforms.

Beck-O said...

I'm impressed! Way to go, Elliegirl! I wish I could go to a game! That must be so cute!