Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Girls Go to Colorado

As I’ve written previously, the girls spent 11 days in Colorado in August while James and I were on our cruise. They LOVED their time with Aunt Penni and Uncle Bill, and, amazingly, all 4 of them sound like they’d like to do it again soon. They went on hikes almost daily with Uncle Bill or both Bill and Pen. They played with sidewalk chalk and dressed up. There were a few stories of disobedience, but I suppose with 11 days that’s fair. We’re so glad they enjoyed it and even MORE glad that Aunt Pen and Uncle Bill loved it and want to do it again. Here are a few of the cute photos from that trip:

60524_10150090991208332_728733331_7296460_633791_n I could just eat her up in this one.






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