Sunday, November 14, 2010

More Cakes

I’ve been having fun with my newest little hobby. (See here for the original post.) Here are a few more I’ve done recently:



This one is a soccer themed birthday cake for our friend JR. I used marshmallow fondant for the hexagons and didn’t really realized I’d have to decrease their sizes as I got to the bottom, but the writing covered that up. So simple and so cute!

Img_1040 Next, I did this milk and cookies themed cakes for twin one year old girls. They’re chocolate butter cream with marshmallow fondant chips and carafes and of course individual smash cakes.

Img_1057Here they are eating them!

Img_1069 This was a cake for Aunt Joci who came in near her birthday. We were blessed to host a fun 30th party for her, and yes – obviously we enjoyed some wine, too!



Since I already knew what I was doing with soccer cakes, I volunteered to do one for our team soccer party at the end of the season. I put all of the girls names on it along with the coach, and they all loved finding their name on it. It seemed to be a hit!

IMG_1085 Here’s my latest creation. Sorry for the bad lighting. This was for a friend who recently went to South Africa and played with the lion cubs. Her mom requested I show that – quite a challenge! But, I had some fun learning with modeling chocolate and made a replica of my friend as well as a couple of playful lion cubs that came out cute, I think! The background is the South African flag, and I thought the outline of Africa was a fun touch as well.




The Cornwell Family said...

WOW! Those are amazing! Good job. Now I will no longer post pictures of my simple cakes! hehehe

Beck-O said...

Holy cow! Those look BEAUTIFUL! Way to be, Amy!