Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New York

Last week, I had a one day training in New York. I took the opportunity to fly out early on Sunday morning and spend some time in the Big Apple. My best friend from elementary school lives there, and she conveniently had her baby on Friday before I arrived. She was still in the hospital in the Bronx but welcomed my visit. So, I hopped on the Subway and pretended I was a local as I made my way to see her sweet little Evan. It was so great to get to be there for such a special time in their lives.

06_06_2010 140

06_06_2010 141

While I was there, I texted my cousin Hunter who also lives in NY to see if he was free to meet me for dinner. He was able to meet me for a late dinner after church which worked perfectly. We went to a cool little restaurant and bar called Rare. It was good food, and we had a great conversation and had fun connecting. Thanks for hanging with me such short notice, Hunter!

06_06_2010 142

And then on Monday morning, I was awakened early by the garbage trucks. So, I decided to walk up to Rockefeller Plaza and check out the Today Show. I got to see Al Roker:

06_06_2010 144

06_06_2010 145

And I saw Matt Lauer, but he was a little too far away to get a good photo. But one of their guests that day was Taylor Lautner. He came out to greet the crowd. I was sort of in the back, so I didn’t speak to him or anything, but I did get a somewhat decent photo:

06_06_2010 148

Then, I went to my training. No too much excitement to report on there. Not a bad trip for just one day, though!


jocelyn said...

Looks like a fun trip. And super cute outfit in those pics! You look great!

Mrs. Brady said...

wow! you were busy! what nice timing to see the new baby and Hunter as well.

Woodbury Family said...

That looks like such a fun trip!!! I like all the "famous" people pics :) You look AMAZING Amy! :) You did a fantastic job on your Dad's cake too! We miss ya'll!!!