Monday, July 12, 2010

Cornwells Visit

Some of our very best friends – the Cornwells – came to visit us on Monday and Tuesday of last week. The visit seemed really fast, but we loved every minute. They arrived on Monday afternoon and we enjoyed some time in the pool and took all the older kids to see Toy Story 3 (thanks to some last minute babysitting by Cookie and Crouchburger – thanks again!!).

The Cornwells have 4 kids: Reagan (8), Ryan (6), Riley (4), and Reese (1). That resulted in 10 people being under our room, but it was a ton of fun! Here’s Emma and Reese taking a bath together. How cute are they?

06_11_2010 007

And here’s 5 of the 6 kids brushing teeth in one small bathroom:

06_11_2010 010

Here’s James reading the Bible story to everyone on night 1:

06_11_2010 012

And we weren’t sure Riley would be a fan of sleeping in the room with the girls. She put up with Ellie, though, and it seemed to work out ok. Check them out:

06_11_2010 014

On Tuesday, we all went to Hawaiian Falls water park. It was a lot of fun, and we open and closed the park. Lori and I took the little ones back for a quick nap, but it was definitely a successful day.

06_11_2010 018

06_11_2010 021

06_11_2010 022

06_11_2010 023

Next time, we hope they can stay longer, but we loved our time with them. We’re blessed in that we’re all going to Disney World together in January. Can’t wait! I’m encouraged that the kids got along well this trip, and so I’m sure being in a 3-room condo in Disney will work out well, too. Ellie literally cried when they left. Even though we left for a trip to Orlando the same day they left, Ellie asked about when she could see Reagan again for several days. So cute!! I pray despite the distance that our kids will be close friends forever. Good friendships don’t come along every day, but ours with the Cornwells is one of those life long friendships that we’re super grateful for. Love you guys! Thanks for coming!


Mrs. Brady said...

looks like a good time! lots of kiddos, too!!

The Cornwell Family said...

Well, we had a wonderful time and loved it! Can't wait to party at Disney with you all!