Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dad’s Birthday

My dad’s birthday is actually on July 7th (tomorrow). We’re leaving town to go to James’ conference that day, so we celebrated on Saturday July 3rd on his boat instead.

I’ve been having some fun with cake decorating lately, so I volunteered to make his cake. It of course melted once we got it to the boat, but it looked pretty cool for a few minutes before the heat got to it. It was white cake with almond buttercream frosting. I used marshmallow fondant for the blue and red stars. It was my first time working with it. Definitely not easy, but I think it came out looking pretty cool.

Before assembly (in case we had a travel disaster – wanted proof that it looked ok):

06_06_2010 152

The final product:

06_06_2010 155

So, there were thunderstorms in the forecast for July 3rd. Here are a few photos from our beautiful afternoon in both the rain and the sun:

06_06_2010 156

06_06_2010 157

06_06_2010 159

Ellie was dancing in the rain

06_06_2010 160

The rain just washed over the lake. It was beautiful.

06_06_2010 164

Then God graced us with a fantastic rainbow. If you look really hard, you can see the faint double a bit to the right of the base. Gorgeous, right?

06_06_2010 166

How cute is she in her Tommy shoes?

We had a great time, and I hope Crouchburger had a great day, too. We gave him a super fun gift from all of the kids and grandkids. It’s a digital photo frame that connects to wi-fi. It has its own email address that Jen and I can email photos to. How fun is that?!

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Mrs. Brady said...

the cake turned out beautiful!! i would've liked to have a video documenting the assembly, tho. :) it looked like a wonderful day for a boat ride, rain and all. sorry we missed it!