Sunday, January 25, 2009

12 Days....

So, it's true!! We sold our house in 12 days! We got really close to our asking price, so we're excited. We're scheduled to close around 2/24, so we have some house hunting to do!

So, tell us your opinion on the following house. This one is our current front runner. It's a foreclosure and definitely needs some work. We're thinking about offering an amount that would allow us to do that. It's a 4BR 2.5 Bath with a loft game room. It's almost 3200sf!

I'll admit that I didn't like the angled front from this photo at first. Now that I've seen the house, it's not as bad as it looks in this photo.

Pretty front door and entry

Big front room. This was meant to be the formal living and dining, but we'll make it our great room if we buy it.

The stairs separate our "great room" and the room where we'd put our dining table. The kitchen is just to the left of this shot. There's a powder bath around and behind the stairs, too.

Big breakfast room on the end of the kitchen. The garage door is just to the right of this shot.

Kitchen - Nice a big but needs work. Ceiling has a hole to repair, and there's some water damage to the left of this shot also. We'd buy all new appliances as a part of the work we did, though, which would be cool.

Enormous pantry!! The washer and dryer go right behind the camera.

This is about half of the back yard. Not bad! The grass could use some work, but the house doesn't have sprinklers. We would want to add those in as a part of the work we'd do also.

Decent sized concrete patio

This is the loft-style game room at the top of the stairs. Would make a great playroom!

The other half of the game room

Big master bedroom

Huge walk-in closet!! (James could put his stuff in one of the other bedrooms, right?)

Master bath in the middle of a remodel.

That's a jetted tub in there, and the tile work they did is beautiful!

Okay, obviously we'd need some repainting in here, but isn't this a huge bedroom for the girls!!

Little built in at the back of the room

Closet in what would be the girls' room


Also needs repainting, but probably guest bedroom

Big closet in 3rd bedroom

Office, or perhaps nursery for baby #3 someday? A girl can dream, right? :)
So, whattya think???


The Cornwell Family said...

Well, I actually like it, but I need to see the other one. It all seems nice. Paul & I said to pay attenton to where the sun hits in the day and afternoon....that darn sunlight can sometimes ruin an area. Looks like it shades the back yard pretty well in the afternoon. Will need that in Texas, especially for the blow-up swimming pool for the girls! :)

jocelyn said...

I like it. The floors look nice. And I'm jealous of all that closet/pantry space! Congrats on selling your house so fast!

Remy said...

I saw it and I loved it! I think once yall do all the work you were telling Brad and I about, it will be the perfect home for yall! i will agree with the comment about he sunlight and where it hits the house... Our bedroom windows face east...oops! Blackout curtains work too!

Libby said...

It looks awesome! I love the floors and the master bathroom looks like it'll be really nice once it's finished out.

Anonymous said...

wow. nice!! Can't get that in Seattle! I am impressed that you sold your house!! (that came out wrong) Is the Texas housing market in such a bad slum? Out here we couldn't sell our house if our life depended on it (although we haven't tried... nor are we going to!). I really like this house- is it still a possibility??